1. Ginjabread man

    accident Trying to impress the missus but end up bruising her coochie

  2. Ginjabread man

    accident Hold my bridge

  3. Clam

    Used car salesman is a tough job !

    Being a used car salesman is a tough job!
  4. Obber

    fights Biker fights back…

    I really do not know what happened. Could be an accident or something 🤷‍♂️. But the biker though… Note: All videos/content that i randomly collected are from the Internet (freaking obvious isn’t it?), just enjoy or hate them. This is not some serious shite (Laugh or Give Criticism, i do not...
  5. Mud

    accident Go-Kart ate his finger.

  6. Hookah-smoking-catapillar

    accident Ouch

    Dumb ass
  7. Brainfart

    Brainfart's Viral Megathread

    Check out her lungs in the second vid...Fucking aweful...
  8. DarkMind12

    Man Hit By A Truck Because Of The Dog

    Clean version: