1. venci

    Traumatic double leg amputation

    Ready for surgery.
  2. DxC

    Thai Surgeon on YT

    Dr. Somprasong Tongmeesee is a surgeon at Chonburi Hospital, Thailand. His YouTube channel consists of over 100 surgery highlights and deals with many forms of trauma. While the shortness of the videos can sometimes cause a bit of blue balls, I find his channel to be very entertaining. Here are...
  3. tenguix


    A gangrene thread! (Yes, it would fall under the umbrella term of 'necrosis') {Set #1} Gangrene of the breast: In a 40-year-old, HIV-positive woman: Progression of gangrene in a middle-aged woman, a (presumably rare) complication of the H1N1 virus. Day #2: Day #10: Two months: A...