1. DeathHand

    Hi-Rez Female Autopsy (4)

    Over the years China has proven to be a great source of HQ images of autopsies - male and female. Usually, however, there is no background information about the case and they are difficult to trace back to their originating source/site. Anyways, this set has no background info (date is a...
  2. cadaver1

    Autopsy of woman that was poisoned

    Girl Poisoned to Death... Autopsy | theYNC
  3. cadaver1

    Autopsy on bloated cadaver

    Autopsy of rotting bloater
  4. venci

    Man dies from repeated blows to the head

    Hemorrhage everywhere inside the skull and under the dura.
  5. venci

    Morgue Girl with Big Yellow Feet

  6. venci

    Autopsy in Russia

  7. venci

    Morgue in China Young Woman

  8. venci

    Autopsy Woman with Brain Extracted

  9. venci

    Morgue Mix from Across Russia

  10. venci

    Autopsy Girl

  11. venci

    Dead Gangster Autopsy

    Christmas meat.
  12. venci

    China Morgue Exam

  13. venci

    Autopsy including pussy exam

    From China...obviously.
  14. venci

    Raped Dead Pussy Examined During Autopsy

  15. venci

    Examination of Dead Pussy During Autopsy

  16. venci

    Tall young man eviscerated

  17. venci

    I have no face

    Young girl has face peeled off during autopsy procedure.
  18. Vasto7

    Colection of various morgue photos,and more 2

    Colection of various morgue photos,and more
  19. Vasto7

    Colection of various morgue photos,and more

    Colection of various morgue photos,and more,abortions slabs...
  20. venci

    Cutting Dead Guys

  21. Vasto7

    Forensic Pathology 3

    A blood smear, as seen via a microscope. The round cells with no nuclei are red blood cells. The slightly larger cells with nuclei are white blood cells, including a necrophil on the left and a lymphocyte on the right. The small structures are platelets. Samples of tissue placed into plastic...
  22. Vasto7

    Introduction to Forensic Pathology 2

    The scalp is then reflected forward, exposing the underlying skull.A bone saw is used to cut-out a piece of skull, thus allowing access to the underlying brain. In some instances, the bone can be removed without disturbing the underlying dura. In such cases, the skull cap actually peels off of...
  23. Vasto7

    Introduction to Forensic Pathology

    Introduction to Forensic Pathology This is a Forensic Pathologists' collection of images and descriptions. Collection of blood from the femoral region (groin) is the preferred site for postmortem toxicology testing. The classic “Y-shaped” incision used during the performance of an autopsy The...
  24. DeathHand

    Dead Woman in the Morgue

    I don't think I've seen these pics on GG before...but I could be wrong. Trying to find images that were not watermarked turned up nothing. LD's watermark has been blacked out by whomever got a hold of these - I didn't black their watermark out. Anyways, from what I can...
  25. Stinky

    Graphic Scenes of Human Autopsy

    Highly recommended you turn volume up loud, especially when the coroner starts using the bone saw! Man died from a stroke.
  26. venci

    Dead woman butchered in morgue

  27. DeathHand


    I'm not sure if I might have posted these a few years ago or if someone else might have. Ah well, if so, they're still worth seeing again, especially for newer members :). I don't know what happened to this man but something very heavy either landed on him or rolled over him turning him into a...
  28. DeathHand

    Hi-Rez Female Child Autopsy

    Images like this of male or female adults are one thing, but images of a young child are another. Thus I decided to blur/censor out the young girl's genitals since these picks aren't being posted for any shock value. In this case the child is a female and was burned by some sort of flame...
  29. DeathHand

    Hi-Rez Female Autopsy (3)

    This woman had undergone surgery to have her breasts enlarged and later died. She was being given Ketamine during surgery but was already on Amiodarone. Amiodarone is primarily used to treat angina and patients suffering acute arrhythmias, etc. and can be given orally or by intravenous...
  30. DeathHand

    Hi-Rez Female Autopsy (2)

    Another one... This woman died after being administered the incorrect medication (intravenous). Female Autopsy (2) Set 1. 1. Overview of body. 2. 3. The bruising on her hand marks the site of injection.
  31. DeathHand

    Autopsy: Hi-Rez Close-ups

    From the high-rez images of the last 3 autopsy images that I posted I made some that get right into the goop. I've always been fascinated with the human brain and it's complex structuring. But remove it from someone's skull and it looks like nothing more than a hunk of goopey glop on a steel...
  32. DeathHand

    Hi-Rez Male Autopsy (2)

    Same as the other two autopsies, I only know that these came out of China - and they're nice and large like the other ones. :poison: Well let's check out this next dead guy who's about to get carved open on the steel slab. Male Autopsy (2) Set 1. 1. 2. Lividity (blood pooling towards...
  33. DeathHand

    Hi-Rez Male Autopsy (1)

    Autopsy photos out of China of a young male under the death knife. No details on this guy's cause of death. Don't forget to click on the images to see them full size :). Autopsy Young Male. Set 1. 1. 2. 3. 4.
  34. DeathHand

    Hi-Rez Female Autopsy

    I've seen a few photos of this female on the steel autopsy slab here and there but I don't think I've ever seen the complete set, atleast not on GG. If already posted just let me know what the link is so I can see if the Mods will merge. I have no details on these photos other than that they...
  35. TehBitch

    HBO Autopsy Collection ... Michael Baden

    Michael Baden Michael M. Baden is a physician and board-certified forensic pathologist known for his work investigating high-profile deaths and as the host of HBO's Autopsy. Wikipedia I'm sure some of you have seen these...But for those who haven't take a look... 24 videos in all.
  36. qdherculis

    Chinese 18 year old girl autopsy full version

    wish anyone download it and put to other website cuz it could be deleted soon
  37. Dr. Gauner

    Drug User's Death Scene And Autopsy

    A drug user who knew he had no future decided to commit suicide by shooting himself in the head. Brazil?
  38. DeathHand

    Military Officer Lynched 1989

    Back in 1989, as wide-spread protests against his dictatorship grew, Romania's Communist leader fled the country only to caught in Bucharest. He was tried and convicted of genocide and then executed, along with his wife. On the day that the leader fled, masses of protesters were gathering in...
  39. DeathHand

    Man Mauled By Stray Dogs

    No, this is not the same mauling as the one the other day in the Bronx, NYC. This guy was mauled by what police fear were stray dogs. Romania, September 6, 2015 (date the images were posted). 1. Another fine example of what an actual watermark looks like :) 2. 3. 4.
  40. Graziani

    Autopsy pics

    autopsy pics from everywhere
  41. qdherculis

    Autopsy(Post Mortem) of a female dead body of strangulation

    anyone could upload it to other website , high quality will be better
  42. naturalselector23

    Elderly Autopsy

    Sadly, I have no backstory. But there are some very pretty pictures regardless.
  43. A

    A vast collection of Asian girls in morgue, both Pre and Post autopsy.

    A morgue somewhere in Asia.
  44. A

    Hanger autopsy.

    No story. Just an autopsy of a suicide victim who hanged himself.
  45. qdherculis

    Autopsy of a Child Bearing Married Woman

    by the way,can anyone download it & upload to another website? i can‘t download it from youtube:yobitch:
  46. CareeningCorpse

    Autopsy Of Pregnant Woman

    An autopsy of a pregnant woman is being done.
  47. KingElvis

    Face Removed on Autopsy Table

    I wonder if it makes wobbly sounds when you shake it?
  48. D.O.A.

    Autopsy a waterlogged, rotted brain

    just scoop it out