blown up

  1. Sarka

    War Remains of the Ukrainian saboteur

    According to the Russians, he tried to blow up their military truck, but the bomb exploded along with the saboteur.
  2. DeathHand

    War Drowned Ukrainian Civilians After Kakhovka Dam Was Blown Up ~ Kherson Oblast (2023)

    A few of the victims of the flood waters that rushed into small towns along the lower Dnieper river during the night after the Kakhovka Reservoir Dam and Hydro-Electric Plant was blown up. Just over 60 civilians died. These folks were recovered on June 19, 2023 from the village of Golya...
  3. DeathHand

    War Ukraine: Nova Kakhovka Dam Blown Up

    Nova Kakhovka, Ukraine June 6. 2023 Ukraine blamed Russia for explosions at a key dam, which unleashed massive flooding and threatened 80 settlements in what Kyiv says is a last-ditch attempt to derail its counteroffensive. In a statement, Ukraine's Southern Operational Command said "Russian...
  4. Anarchy75

    Serious Exper at wot, "PAH",, Dont make me laugh

    How can you call yourself a bomb disposal expert? Because by the looks of things that bomb looked like more of an expert than you mate & what a waste of kit hey🤘🎆🤕🔫