1. DeathHand

    11 Bank Robbers Dead

    A gang of atleast 11 men was highly suspected as being responsible for a recent rash of bank robberies - ones where the criminals blast the shit out of the bank vault and ATM's to get the moolah. The Civil Police got a whiff of these guys at a house in the out-back the day after they pulled a...
  2. DeathHand

    2 Women Creamed By Truck

    These 2 gals were on their way to work (they were caddys at a golf club) when they were struck by a truck that rolled right over them. And let's hear it for our Thai Pointer Gang Members - they're back :) Hopefully someone is able to find other pics for this crash... Thailand, Nov 19, 2015...
  3. DeathHand

    Drowned Migrants of War

    The stories of migrants drowning at sea while trying to reach the shores of Europe has been a top story in the news for quite a while. These people tend to come from war torn countries such as Somalia, Libya, Syria, Yemen, Iraq (etc.). They pay traffickers hundreds or sometimes thousands of...