1. Jon E(vil)

    Suicide bomber blows himself up.

    Cornered he sets off the explosives, flies thru the air. The YNC
  2. O

    Traditional Tibetan Sky Burial

    According to most accounts, vultures are given the whole body. Then, when only the bones remain, these are broken up with mallets, ground with tsampa (barley flour with tea and yak butter, or milk), and given to the crows and hawks that have waited for the vultures to depart. In one account...
  3. DeathHand

    Dead Woman In Red

    These photos have been around for a while so I won't be surprised if they are posted on here somewhere. Anyways, reports indicate that this woman had plans for the day, her hubby/bf left for work, and then the hubby/bf found her dead when she wouldn't answer his txts or calls and he returned...