1. bogies

    The girl who lives in a plastic bowl (i shit you not)

    Rahma Haruna was born with a mystery condition. The 19yr old from Kano, Nigeria was born a healthy baby but when she turned 6mths her growth came to a sudden halt. If this has been posted before I'm gunna cry... I'll pass on what ever she's eating :blegh:
  2. tenguix

    Unsafe Abortion | Gangrenous Bowel

    A 22-year-old woman presented in poor shape with gangrenous intestines protruding from her vagina. She had recently undergone an "unsafe abortion". Initial presentation: The mutilated fetus (still in her abdomen) was extracted: Photo of the gangrenous bowel and the woman's perforated...
  3. tenguix

    Female Perineum [Vagina/Anus] Surgery

    Only women in this thread. {Set #1} A rectovaginal fistula (RVF) is an epithelial lined tract between the rectum and vagina, and generally presents with passage of air, stool or even purulent discharge from the vagina. RVFs in developing nations are related to prolonged labors that cause...