1. DeathHand

    Brazil Prisoners Tortured

    And I thought that my piano teacher and teachers at the private school I went to were bad...not even close. These guys are in a Brazilian prison and 3 of them are getting what most of us would call the "strap". Deciphering the translated description it seems that the first dude with the...
  2. K

    Body Of A Tortured Man Without A Face Found In Brazil

    Nothing found on his body.
  3. snatch

    brazilian street justice all over his face

    hogtied, kicked, punched, spat on then dragged off to an unknown fate/
  4. Nex

    Gang homicide - Juazeiro, Brazil

    September 29th 2015 Juazeiro, Brazil 21:30 local The young man identified as Jose Bruno Pereira dos Santos 21-year-old was shot several times.The victim was hit at least 4 shots, 3 on the face and one in the back. Police are still on the look out.
  5. Graziani

    dead by brazilian police

  6. snatch

    road rashing/brazil

  7. snatch

    brazil street chowder

    evidently an off duty policeman who was not well liked.
  8. DeathHand

    Brazil: 3 Dead Bad Guys

    These 3 dudes, all criminals, got into a shootout with the Brazilian police and lost. Milagres, Brazil, August 13, 2015 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.
  9. D.O.A.

    Brazil prison fight

    More pics and the story here
  10. DeathHand

    Brazil's Bodies & Blood 1

    I've posted a shitload of gore 'sets' (atleast 3 good images from the same crime scene) that came and come out of Brazil but sometimes there's only one or two good images: not enough for a set. My other Brazil-related thread, Brazil: Dose of Death, contains dozens and dozens of sets showing the...
  11. holyblacksun

    Car crashed frontal into a bus & leaves 6 PPL dead in Manaus [Brazil]

    An accident involving a car and a bus on Wednesday [July 22, 2015] resulted in the deaths of six people. According to information from the Municipal Institute of Engineering and Inspection of Traffic (Manaustrans), the collision occurred in Margarita Avenue, North Zone of Manaus - AM, around...
  12. holyblacksun

    Car crashed frontal into a bus & leaves 6 PPL dead in Manaus July 22, 2015 [Brazil]

    An accident involving a car and a bus on Wednesday [July 22, 2015] resulted in the deaths of six people. According to information from the Municipal Institute of Engineering and Inspection of Traffic (Manaustrans), the collision occurred in Margarita Avenue, North Zone of Manaus - AM, around...
  13. holyblacksun

    Young girl [15 years old] brutally murdered in Brazil

    July 14, 2015 Brazil The local police from Caruaru is still investigating in this hideous crime. :rant:
  14. holyblacksun

    Stabbed in the back [Brazil] July 11, 2015

    July 11, 2015 Brazil
  15. Eat Shit And Die

    4 Robbers Killed In Police Shoot Out, Brazil, 11th July 2015

    On Saturday 11th July, Four thieves were killed during a shoot out with local police officers. According to information, one police received information that other officers were involved in a high speed chase involving some robbers in a VolksWagen. The police teams collaborated, when they met...
  16. holyblacksun

    Another victim gunned down in Brazil

    The victim [22 years old] was known by the local police for various delicts including thievery.
  17. D.O.A.

    Residents find some brazilian guy heads

    I'll let google translate explain. In the early hours of Tuesday (23), two human heads were found by residents now in the morning set Lucas Porpino in the city of Guarabira, Queen of Paraiba Heath. According to preliminary information, it is double homicide, a couple. The man had been...
  18. PowerDrill

    Brazil - Accident Caused by Bandit Leaves Woman's Face Disfigured

    From LiveLeak Description: Warning: the images and scenes of the video, are very strong. an accident caused by bandits who robbed a taxi and escape, eventually colliding with a minibus. The minibus, runaway, hit another vehicle that just completely disfiguring the face of two innocent I for...
  19. holyblacksun

    Aftermath of a deadly collision with a truck in Brazil

    Check also the video of this suicide mission here.
  20. holyblacksun

    Stupid kids on a suicide mission on the highway in Brazil

    Check related pics of this accident here.
  21. D.O.A.

    Brazilian guy ran over by fully loaded truck

    "GOOD YEAR". Not.
  22. Pibe Gore

    Woman found dead with her face disfigured in Itu road. Brazil

    A concrete block was used to kill the victim.
  23. SicMonster666

    Brazilian Prison Riot's Leave 1 Beheaded & 7 Killed

    A convict was beheaded and another seven were killed due to a riot within the Presidio of Feira de Santana, located 110 km from Salvador. In addition to the dead, five inmates were injured on Sunday afternoon 24th of May. The riot took place because of a disagreement between two rival gangs...
  24. PowerDrill

    Brazil - Cop shot by robber

    Description from LiveLeak - A police officer was shot dead on Thursday when attending a call for a post office robbery. Two Videos. The first one is poor quality
  25. D.O.A.

    dismembered guy found a Brazilian forest

    Must have fucked with the wrong people.
  26. holyblacksun

    Cut to pieces inside a brazilian prison [May 12, 2015]

    An inmate 27 years was beheaded in the prison Regional Serrotão in Campina Grande, on the morning of Tuesday (12). Under the direction of the prison unit, another arrested himself as responsible for the death, gave the victim's head and the knife that was allegedly used in the crime. The murder...
  27. DeathHand

    Brazil: Another Cannibal

    Acting on a tip from suspicious locals, police went to the home of a 27 yr old man to check the reports out. They would soon find a human heart, a thigh, chunks of flesh and 2 litres of bottled blood in the man's refridgerator. The man was interrogated and confessed to having killed two women...
  28. SicMonster666

    Brazilian Prisoner Decapitation

    A 27 year old man was brutally decapitated & dismembered by another prisoner in a regional prison of Campina Grande, Paraiba Brazil. The prisoner, after beheading his victim calmly walked up to the guards and handed them the head, surrendering. He said that he murdered another man over the...
  29. holyblacksun

    Victim of a brutal machete attack in Brazil

    No additional info at the moment, but you can hear the men behind camera asking/saying: "Did you rape a child? Did you fuck somebody else's woman? If you went to the church every Sunday, such thing wouldn't happen to you lol They chopped your dick off, didn't they? Look, they chopped his dick...
  30. holyblacksun

    Man gets his brain blasted out of the head inside of a barbershop in Brazil

    The victim died immediately. The video of this incident can be watched here.
  31. holyblacksun

    Motorcyclist crushed by a truck in Brazil

    In the morning of Wednesday, a motorcyclist died by run over by truck. According to witnesses, the victim was trying to pass between a bus and a trailer, when the trailer hit the bike's rear unbalancing the rider. The man lost control and fell, being run over by the trailer below. Witnesses...
  32. Eat Shit And Die

    14 Year Old Boy Executed, Arapongas, Brazil, 31st March 2015.

    Sorry If a repost but i couldn't find it. The body of a young boy, aged 14 (Name undisclosed), was found in the rural municipality of Arapongas on the afternoon of Tuesday 31st March. The body had wounds caused by firearms and the scene made it clear that this had been an execution. The body...
  33. Wayne Kerr

    shot in the face and neck. brazil

    no story, its brazil ffs.
  34. holyblacksun

    Murdered biker in Caruaru [Brazil] April 4, 2015

    This was most likely a machete homicide because of the clean and deep cuts. April 4, 2015
  35. CareeningCorpse

    Motorcycle Aftermath In Brazil

    I haven't seen this video up here. If it is and I missed it, I apologize.
  36. Eat Shit And Die

    Another Brutal Slaying In Sobral, Brazil, 6th March 2015.

    Sorry if repost I haven't kept up with the gore section of late. A young male was slain with at least 3 shots to the head, In the Saints Neighborhood of Sobral. The young mans mother arrived at the scene crying and extremely distressed, at this time no one was arrested.
  37. EicelHeartsGore

    Execution in broad daylight. Where else but Brazil!

    Click here. Sorry, don't know how to embed videos from Kaotic. Thanks!
  38. holyblacksun

    The last breaths of a shotgun victim in Brazil

    It happened in the state of Ceará - Brazil. He was a drug user.
  39. Eat Shit And Die

    Double Homicide On Teenagers, Brazil.

    Sorry if repost, really haven't been paying enough attention. A couple of teenagers, were killed in the city of Teixeira de Freitas. The victims were Jefferson Rodrigues Neves, 19, and Micleide teen da Silva Souza, 16, who lived in the San Lorenzo district of Teixeira de Freitas. The...
  40. sgrass

    Altamira... One of the Most Violent Cities of Brazil

    It seems that the devil decided to address in the city of Altamira, the Xingu region, now considered the most violent city of Pará and third in Brazil. This weekend, the most cruel was the crime committed against the young XXXXXXXXX of just 21, killed by own mate XXXXXXXX, born in the state of...
  41. DeadZone

    Vin Diesel look-alike executed in Brazil

    Sadly this one was more furious than fast... Link:
  42. Nathrakh

    8 dead in overturned bus accident (brazil)

    Tragic bus accident happened last week (12/27/14) in ES - Brazil. The bus overturned after the bus driver tried to avoid a truck that was driving the wrong way. 29 passengers; 8 deads and 21 rescued, 12 of them are still hospitalized. I was driving with my family and a friend 5-10km away from...
  43. D.O.A.

    Brazilian jigsaw puzzle

    This guy from a Brazilian jail was in 13 garbage bags. Other inmates carved him up.