brazil homicide

  1. Mental Puppy

    Thieving couple shot off their stolen bike.

    A young couple female 18 and male 16 was shot off of the bike they stole early this morning. She took 4 shots in the back and he took 2. He remained riding for another 300m and hit a tree and died. She was also declared dead on the scene. Happened in Rio Grande Del Norte.
  2. Nex

    Stabbed Twice In The Neck

    August 8th, 2016 Caruaru, Brazil This da Silva killed was returning home after an afternoon and evening of drinking when an unknown assailant snuffed him. This was the 6th murder in August and the 136th of the year 2016 in Caruaru.
  3. Nex

    He Brought A Knife To A Gunfight

    August 5th, 2016 São Caetano, Brazil Gláucio Junior Soares de Araújo , 26 years old, a known drug trafficker and thief was found dead in an alley. Police believe he was shot during a drug deal.
  4. Nex

    Man's Head Sliced Off While Atop His Motorcycle

    July 8th, 2016 Manaus, Brazil DeNerval Tavares da Silva was attacked with a machete by his neighbor over a dispute over payment of the motorcycle he had sold him.
  5. Nex

    Shot Inside His Car

    June 21st, 2016 Maniçoba, Brazil According to witnesses two criminals driving a Volkswagon pulled up alongside Bosco Mota here and blew him away. The killers have yet to be found.
  6. DeathHand

    16 Yro Found Dead

    Images of the decomposing body of a 16 year old girl who went missing 2 days before being found dead by locals. She was completely naked and showed signs of trauma to her head (either blunt force or a machete - lol, dull or sharp). Police found none of clothing or personal items anywhere near...
  7. Nex

    Criminal Invades Policeman's Home

    June 26th The 31 year old ex-convict who was on the run was armed with a .38-calibr revolver and attempted to invade the officers home. The confrontation took place in the garage and he was killed with 3 gun shots.
  8. Nex

    Mental Patient Found Partially Decapitated

    June 19th, 2016 The body of a 41 year old mentally ill male was found partially decapitated and stabbed. He was a quiet man and bothered nobody, but would walk the road where he was killed quite often by himself. His brother believes he was killed in a random, perverse attack.
  9. Nex

    Two men walk into a bar..

    June 19th, 2016 Witnesses say they saw two men enter and leave a bar only to disappear into the field behind it. Later they seen the other man walking away with a bloodied machete. Suspicious of what had happened, they went and searched the field and found the other man decapitated.
  10. Nex

    Locked lips

    Literally... He was found beside a highway in Brazil
  11. Nex

    Beheaded after a dispute over an Ox

  12. Nex

    Petty thief hacked up

    Alagoas, Brazil The victim, by the name of Ezequiel Vicente who also had an extensive criminal record was found dumped southeast of town in a secluded area. As with most crimes in Brazil, this case remains unsolved.
  13. Nex

    Killed by his lover

    A 31 year old male was murdered by his 33 year old girlfriend on Wednesday with an axe and knife.
  14. DeathHand

    Call Girl ~ Quartered

    This set might be a repost - ah dinnae ken... If not ~ all good :) K, so this guy has a call girl come over for sex and and all that. At some point he decides to kill her and then, like seeing a light bulb above his head, he chops her body up into pieces. The guy filled a suitcase and a few...