broken neck

  1. RebelFX

    accident Awesome Compilation of People vs Working Out (I love these kind of videos)

    I don't know why I like seeing gym rats get owned by their equipment.... huh... oh well... enjoy!
  2. RebelFX

    accident Gay Guy Misunderstood What BREAK Dancing Is and Eats Shit (not literally, sorry yotguitar)

    Cool trick to watch... He clearly should not have been missing neck day
  3. Nick Cage

    fights body slammed into a coma by angry dude

  4. D.O.A.

    accident Idiot dives head first into shallow water

  5. punkduck

    beatings Broken neck in a fight. 🔥 đź’€

  6. G

    Accidently Kills His Own Brother

    India. Two brothers during a friendly wrestling match, when Bro A drops Bro B and breaks his neck. You can see the body go limp as soon as he hits the ground.