1. Sarka

    War Village chief and his brother slaughtered in Myanmar

    Automatic translation from the source - The PNO militia, a fascist dog mischief and subordinate, falsely took the village chief and his younger brother of Naungrin village of Sisai Township because they had something to discuss, and they were brutally killed. The village headman Weyzakhun and...
  2. Sarka

    Warning:Children More than 30 people from the village of Lettutto killed by Myanmar's Junta

  3. Sarka

    War Myanmar's Hunta fighters killed in the vicinity of the village of Yeng Hee

    Automatic translation from the source - Sagaing Division Horm Pyin Township, In the vicinity of the village of Yeng Hee, the fascist Dog Misa + Pu Saw Hội group and the People's Defense Forces, which had been in a column since May 4th, had a battle. Some soldiers' bodies and ammunition were...
  4. Sarka

    War Myanmar's Junta convoy attacked in southern Shan State, killing more than 30 soldiers

  5. Sarka

    War Myanmar's Junta soldiers killed in Tharekone village

    Automatic translation from the source: Northern Shan State The Mandalay People's Defense Army (MDY-PDF) reported that the fascist Dog Misa Army was injured in an attack on the War Defeat Council camp based in Tharekone Village, Nungcho Township, and more than 20 bodies and more than 40 weapons...
  6. Sarka

    War Myanmar’s Junta soldiers killed by rebels

    Killed this year.
  7. DeathHand

    Burmese Villagers vs Army

    Many folks, those that have even heard of what is going on in Burma, think that the killing has stopped. The Burmese government military (the SPDC) is being challenged by several rebel groups that seeks autonomy in the remote regions of Burma. Often all that stands between the SPDC (State...