1. cadaver1

    Decapitated in prison riot

    Prison Riot Footage, Dead Prisoner Cut Into and Beheaded | theYNC Brutal decapitation.. Blood pouring like a tap...
  2. cadaver1

    cartels Skinned alive

    Flaying of Sicario for CJNG Cartel of Jalisco by Los Viagras of Michoacán – Best Gore This was man skinned alive by the Los Viagras cartel....
  3. SicMonster666

    Husband beat, murders & butchered his wife

    Betrayal may have been the motive of a crime which shocked the small community known only as Project Settlement in Videl, in rural Bacabeira. Her husband beat her, killed and butchered his wife into four pieces. The crime happened in the early hours of Sunday and the body was only found...
  4. DeathsDoor


    The man's body was found this morning. He'd been butchered with a sword that was found nearby.
  5. DeadZone

    Prisoner beaten and butchered by inmates

    As titled, no idea why! http://theync.com/murder/longer-video-of-fat-inmate-being-killed.htm
  6. D.O.A.

    Girl butchered and beheaded

    The headless lady pictured above was said to have left home for the club with some friends a couple of days ago, I gathered that the lady who is a Lagos runs babe was approached by a rich man at Elegushi beach where she and her friends had stopped by to party and have some fun. According to...
  7. DeadZone

    Two women and a child butchered, one decapitated

  8. max_gain

    cartels Corpse being butchered whilst hanging from ladders. (now with full version at bottom of first page)

    Mexican corpse being butchered whilst suspended between two ladders. You can clearly hear the sawing action whilst a limb is being cut off. Only a short clip unfortunately. There is a full version that shows the butchering in its entirety where the guy is still initially alive. Just realized...
  9. Dezarae Bonelli

    butchered at morgue

    looks yummy
  10. C_R

    Slaughtered & Butchered Woman

  11. DeadZone

    Butchered female

    As titled.
  12. C_R

    Four Bodies Found BUTCHERED

    For what it indicates the poster of the rival group, lacked professionalism of the part of the defeated team. The poster says: “They order more able people, sinaloenses and michoacanos FDP, come to search its garbage. Signed: The head of the heads”