1. Be happy⚕

    US Politics Cancellation and demonetisation of "right wing" channels

    Maybe it's because I'm British, maybe I look at YouTube too much (and here) though I like to think considering I work 10 to 12 hour days outdoors and only get 3 - 6 GB of internet a month that I'm not too much of a net nerd. But I am becoming a tad alarmed This Stephen Crowder business (in...
  2. Gorgutz

    Facebook Deletes Thousands of Accounts Ahead of German National Election

    Getty Images by CHRIS TOMLINSON 24 Aug 2017 Social media giant Facebook has deleted thousands of German accounts ahead of the German national election next month, in a major crack down on facilitators of “fake news”. Around ten thousand “fake accounts” were taken down by the company who...
  3. Gorgutz

    26 games pulled from German Steam store

    Scores of controversial games, spanning an era of over twenty years, have just been pulled from the German Steam store. ❝ The removed games: Aliens versus Predator Classic Blake Stone: Aliens of Gold Blood: One Unit Whole Blood Blood II: The Chosen + Expansion BloodRayne BloodRayne...