1. Monkman777

    beatings Caught With Side Chick

    And not even an attractive one at that
  2. ZeroK

    beatings Punishment For Texting Other Blokes

  3. DirtyLee666

    Pistol wiped

    Woman gets pistol wiped for fucking with a married man.
  4. Crusty Santa

    Punished for fucking rival gang member

    Upset and feeling blue, cant feel my face when i sniff glue, but i love it, I havent been able to upload a comp due my internet troubles. Super annoying. Was having fun pumping out gore content like I pump out cum on your mum son
  5. Obber

    Girl caught by Psychotic Wife

    Now.. now... This girl has been sleeping with a married man, she got caught by the psychotic wife and did some wierd voodoo shit with her at the end.