civilians killed

  1. Sarka

    War Village chief and his brother slaughtered in Myanmar

    Automatic translation from the source - The PNO militia, a fascist dog mischief and subordinate, falsely took the village chief and his younger brother of Naungrin village of Sisai Township because they had something to discuss, and they were brutally killed. The village headman Weyzakhun and...
  2. Sarka

    War Ukrainian Armed Forces UAV operator kills 3 civilians

    Four civilian residents of the village of Mirnoye in the Zaporozhye region became victims of UAV operators of the Ukrainian Armed Forces - the militants targeted a civilian vehicle.
  3. Bethy šŸ”„

    Warning:Children Dead Civilians In Israel

    There are already a lot of dead civilians in Israel. Corpses lie at public transport stops, in the middle of the streets. Al Jazeera reports: Israel declares a state of emergency within a radius of 80 km from the Gaza Strip. This allows the military to restrict gatherings and close areas. The...
  4. Sarka

    War 17 people were killed and 32 more were injured during a bombardment in the central market

    Kostyantynivka, Ukraine. Both sides blame each other, so everyone can choose a side. Lets go...
  5. DeathHand

    War Carnage on the Zhytomyr Highway, Ukraine (2022)

    Kyiv Oblast, Ukraine, March 2022 Ukrainian civilians attempted to flee as Russian forces moved into their area but a number of them were shot and killed in their vehicles and some on foot along their only escape route, on the Zhytomyr highway. Involved in these civilian deaths/shootings was one...
  6. DeathHand

    Warning Children Coalition Bombs Hit Market

    In the haste to eradicate ISIS militants wherever they are hiding, the US-led Coalition fighter jets often miss their target/s and end up pounding civilian areas with shitloads of cluster bombs, barrel bombs, missles of all sizes (ie: 500lb bombs), etc. This "Coalition" involves many NATO...
  7. DeathHand

    Yemen: Saudi-led Airstrikes

    I decided to take a break from Iraq and Syria and see what's new in Yemen. Back in March 2015 the Saudi Arabian government/military answered the request of the Yemini government to help deal with the growing Houthi offensive in the capital (Sana'a) and around the country. Saudi put together a...