1. Nimrod101z

    Uncollected Russian Dead

    Thousands of DEAD Russian Soldiers left to Rot out in the Open Uncollected.
  2. Nimrod101z

    Decimation of RA Assault Group

    Decimated Russian Assault Group in Avdiivka Offensive
  3. DeathHand

    War Ukrainian Gains in Bahkmut (May 2023)

    Ukraine Secures Logistics Hub Near Bakhmut As Russia Says it Repelled Attacks May 12, 2023 Bakhmut, Ukraine The territorial gains made this week by Ukrainian forces in the hotly contested eastern city of Bakhmut have secured an important logistics hub, Ukrainian military commanders said this...
  4. DeathHand

    War Battlefield Soldiers' Graves (WW1 & WW2)

    This thread contains the vintage photos (just over 100) of the single and/or multiple burial sites (not war cemeteries of the times) of soldiers and their often crude grave makers from the last two World Wars who were buried where they died or perhaps in a very small graveyard, not far from the...
  5. DeathHand

    ISIS: Attack|Kill|Booty (1)

    ISIS seems to operate on very much the same level as traditional guerrilla warfare always has. Small bands of ISIS fighters will attack a target and if successful, will kill all and then take a shitload of booty. They don't always win, but when they do they leave dozens of dead in their wake...