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    Have you ever attended an autopsy that surprised you in some way?

    For those that have worked autopsies , do you recall any cases that surprised you in a way that was peculiar or memorable? I'm especially thinking of "fresh" bodies [in relative terms, of course] that might seem outwardly much closer to their walking, breathing brethren than to the putrefied...
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    animals Doggo Feasting On Corpse

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    disaster Body Just Chilling In River

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    animals Dog with a snack

  5. DeathHand

    War Jewish Female Prisoners: The Helmbrechts Death March (WW2 1945)

    May 11, 1945 Volary, Czechoslovakia The bodies of Jewish women exhumed from a mass grave in Volary. The victims died at the end of a death march from Helmbrechts, a sub-camp of Flossenbuerg. The Helmbrechts death march was one of hundreds of forced marches that occurred near the end of the...
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    bizarre Pay Your Bills

    So the story goes that the undertaker's services were unpaid so he sent the collection agency out there