1. Hygore

    animals Dog with a snack

  2. DeathHand

    War Jewish Female Prisoners: The Helmbrechts Death March (WW2 1945)

    May 11, 1945 Volary, Czechoslovakia The bodies of Jewish women exhumed from a mass grave in Volary. The victims died at the end of a death march from Helmbrechts, a sub-camp of Flossenbuerg. The Helmbrechts death march was one of hundreds of forced marches that occurred near the end of the...
  3. ZeroK

    bizarre Pay Your Bills

    So the story goes that the undertaker's services were unpaid so he sent the collection agency out there
  4. maggotmaster

    Iraqi Man Eaten By Dogs

    Some kewl shit I found while looking at Ogrish..
  5. snicky

    Naked Corpse of Boy found in Forest

    A dead boy was found lying on his front completely naked (15-January-2016) by a forest ranger with a pack of dogs in a very secluded area of woodland. The boy aged between 13 and 16, 5' 2" and about 100lbs, had been lying dead under a pile of leaves for 6 - 8 weeks with decomposition slowed by...