crime scene

  1. Evan Hoffman

    Uncensored o.j. simpson crime scene photos

    I have not found these anywhere else on the net (except the censored versions of the photographs). Nicole Brown Simpson Ronald Goldman Ronald's hand showing defensive wounds
  2. venci

    Reeva Steenkamp Death and Crime Scene Photos

    Crime scene photos showing the dead body of Reeva Steenkamp, who was murdered by Oscar Pistorius in 2013, have been made public after her father pleaded for them to be released to show what Pistorius did to his daughter. The photos were released by the Pretoria High Court after Barry Steenkamp...
  3. Nex

    Point blank to the face

    January 24th 2016 Apodi, Brazil
  4. Dr. Gauner

    Machete Decapitation

    On September 24, 2015 a corpse was found. The victim "Coffin Joe" (23) was brutally murdered and beheaded probably with a machete. The Military Police, said the boy was a drug abuser and left home on Sept. 22, however they believe he was killed on the 23rd because the body is still in a state of...