1. venci

    Man's head crushed to a pulp with concrete block

    His enemies just dropped this huge chunk of concrete on his head and dude was instant kill no time to react.
  2. venci

    Man dies from repeated blows to the head

    Hemorrhage everywhere inside the skull and under the dura.
  3. venci

    Morgue Girl with Big Yellow Feet

  4. venci

    Autopsy in Russia

  5. venci

    Morgue in China Young Woman

  6. venci

    Autopsy Woman with Brain Extracted

  7. venci

    Morgue Mix from Across Russia

  8. venci

    Man with schizophrenia murders a prostitute in Russia

    She was found in her apartment completely naked with multiple stab wounds on torso and neck. Sunglasses and hat could have been put on the body after death by the perpetrator who later police said was a man suffering from schizophrenia released from psychiatric hospital four months ago.
  9. venci

    Female Head Autopsy

    Dead girl getting ready for skull opening.
  10. venci

    Medical School in Ukraine

  11. venci

    Dead Girl Naked on Autopsy Table

    China again.
  12. venci

    Teen Girl Suicide Jump

    Landed on metal fence and was cut in two.
  13. venci

    Faceless man after road accident

    Instant destruction of head no time to think.
  14. venci

    Hairy man burnt naked

  15. venci

    Autopsy Girl

  16. venci

    Dead Gangster Autopsy

    Christmas meat.
  17. venci

    China Morgue Exam

  18. venci

    Autopsy including pussy exam

    From China...obviously.
  19. venci

    Mexican Couple Executed in Car

  20. venci

    Traumatic double leg amputation

    Ready for surgery.
  21. venci

    Cock and balls for dinner

    Real dead young guy cock and balls.
  22. venci

    17 yo jumps from 14th floor in Russia

    Moscow region.
  23. venci

    Man kills his 6-year-old girl in bed shoots wife then turns gun to himself

    Police haven't a clue what lead to tragedy.
  24. venci

    Suicide in Bed

    38-year-old man fired a single gunshot to his own right temple, killing himself and his 50-year-old wife, lying on the bed beside him.
  25. venci

    Suicide by self-immolation

  26. venci

    Young man takes own life

    Chose a park in St. Petersburg, Russia.
  27. venci

    Man attacked and eaten by Siberian tiger in Khabarovsk Krai, Russia

    Authorities in Khabarovsk Krai, Russia have issued warnings to citizens not to go out alone in the woods after a local man was attacked and earten by Siberian tiger. Tiger population in Russia's far east has increased in recent years and officals now estimate there are more than 100 tigers...
  28. venci

    Student slaughters teacher at Moscow university then posts selfie with his corpse

    This is from just a few hours ago. Teacher 44 yo died at the scene from deep knife wounds to the neck. Killer 18 yo posted these photos online then comitted suicide.
  29. venci

    Congenital High Airway Obstruction Syndrome (CHAOS)

    Congenital High Airway Obstruction Syndrome (CHAOS) is a rare anomaly where a partial or complete obstruction of upper airway is seen. As a consequence, the foetus develops enlarged lungs, inverted or flattened diaphragm and ascites. The pathological findings in a case of CHAOS is presented.
  30. venci

    Las Vegas Massacre October 2017

    On the night of October 1, 2017, a mass shooting took place at the 4th annual Route 91 Harvest country music festival in Paradise, Nevada. During a closing performance by singer Jason Aldean, a shooter fired into the crowd on a Las Vegas Boulevard 15-acre lot from the 32nd floor of the...
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    Morgue Girls from Serbia

  32. venci

    Raped Dead Pussy Examined During Autopsy

  33. venci

    Dead Babies Autopsy

  34. venci

    Young Rebels Liquidated by FSB in Ingushetia

  35. venci

    Train suicide in Russia

    Woman threw herself in front of train her entire right leg was amputated.