1. Ginjabread man

    Funny Arrogant dad underestimates his lad

  2. Lord Gutsy

    Funny Little dude freaked out his dad

  3. LittleJohn

    Funny The Pain of Knowledge

  4. Nobbler

    Funny The father of the year award goes to.

  5. Nobbler

    bizarre Almost As Tall As You Now Daddy.

  6. Cold Ethyl

    Dad Uses Deadly Cobra to Kill Wife and Daughter, 2, as They Slept, Police Allege

    Police in India arrested a man on Thursday, accusing him of murdering his wife and young daughter by releasing a snake into the bedroom while they slept. Investigators believe K Ganesh Patra, 25, committed the murders in early October in Adheigaon village, in Odisha’s Ganjam district, according...
  7. Cold Ethyl

    Dad forced pedophile 'best friend' to dig own grave after finding he abused his daughter

    It was a shocking case of betrayal and furious retribution that resonated with horrified parents the world over. In remote woodlands in deepest Russia, an enraged Vyacheslav Matrosov stood face-to-face with the one-time friend and babysitter he had caught abusing his six-year-old daughter...
  8. Donkeyd

    accident The world's most patient dad

    son,Let's his Son take the wheel. I would have lost my shit
  9. Monkman777

    disaster Little Guy Almost Smashed Into Pavement

  10. WickedMal

    accident ~Warning~ Teenage Kid Falls From Roof In Front Of His Dad~

    :death: The family traveled to spend the New Year holiday in another town, not imagining that the holiday would end up becoming the worst nightmare. Just when they were about to return to Quito, 13 year old J. S. R. had climbed up to the roof of the building to allegedly grab a drink, when he...
  11. Donkeyd

    bizarre Father's Day incoming

  12. Graziani

    Family burned and hero dad

    Fire accident were they hippies ?