dead male

  1. DeathHand

    Truck vs 3 Scooter-Booters

    A 10-wheeler truck rear-ended two scooters (one ridden by a young male adult, the other by a teenage male with a younger female riding pillion) and killed all three. No ages were given but there was some indication that the trucks brakes failed. Bangkok, Thailand, Feb. 24, 2017. 1. 2. 3...
  2. DeathHand

    Botched Robbery = 2 Dead

    This young boyfriend and girlfriend rode their motorbike to a beach for, I dunno...get some fresh air? Anyways, three men (armed with knives or a machete) were on the prowl early that evening and came across the young couple. The men approached them and began demanding that the two hand over...
  3. DeathHand

    Dead Dude & Hairy Butt

    This guy was found dead in the bushes - gunshot to the head. His pants were pulled down apparently to show his asshole...which may or may not have been violated... Palotal, Venezuela, June 11, 2016. Set 1. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.
  4. DeathHand

    Shot Dead - Left In Dump

    Young dude taken to the local garbage dump and shot dead. Olavo Oliveira, Brazil, January 30, 2016. 1. 2. 3.
  5. DeathHand

    Killed With Own Machete

    This young man had an altercation at a birthday party with a woman he liked and her husband (or something like that) and then left the party after she dissed him. The next day he went to the couple's house armed with a machete. Things got a bit screwy and the woman or her husband got a hold of...