1. bogies

    Girl born without a face reaches her 9th birthday

    Girl born without a FACE defies the odds to reach her ninth birthday thanks to her family's devotion after doctors refused to feed her and told them to plan her funeral. A girl who was born without a face because of a rare condition has defied the odds to reach her ninth birthday thanks to...
  2. Saint Muerte


    Thread is for any and all Genetic, and or hereditary syndromes. 1.Dandy-Walker Syndrome:
  3. tenguix

    Female Perineum [Vagina/Anus] Surgery

    Only women in this thread. {Set #1} A rectovaginal fistula (RVF) is an epithelial lined tract between the rectum and vagina, and generally presents with passage of air, stool or even purulent discharge from the vagina. RVFs in developing nations are related to prolonged labors that cause...
  4. tenguix

    Anomalous X-Rays & Radiographs.

    [Hands] Poly-/syn-/arachno-dactyly, arthritis, etc: Calcification and sarcodosis: [Skull & Spine] McCune-Albright and, uh, something else: Scoliosis: Let's see some weird shit!