1. Monkman777

    bizarre Man Shot In The Dick After Losing Bet

  2. kesha13

    bizarre Arm Dick

    Not new, but I couldn't find it in a search.
  3. kesha13

    bizarre We Have a Wiener

    Decathlete Alberto Nonino decided to go commando in his 400 metre race at the 2022 World Athletics U20 Championships. Unfortunately his penis kept falling out of his shorts, causing him to finish last.
  4. ZeroK

    beatings Wiener Roast

  5. Ivor Biggun

    Darwin Award for Mad Man on Motorcycle

  6. Caffeine.father

    Age old game of Slap-Cock

    A glorious game of my childhood, it is fondly remembered
  7. Eaten Alive

    Gay male elephants have sex

    Strange video of two male elephants in a display of dominance having sex
  8. Grilledspiders

    Dickswazzles paintball homeless man :(

    What a dick move :(