1. ZeroK

    bizarre The Latest Candidate For President

  2. Tattooedmaniac

    Serious UK could be seen as racist if they do not elect a paki for prime minister.

    So I saw this on the news today thought I was imaging it, is the western world gone nuts. If an electorate does not win it usually means they are not happy with their plans and or agendas for the country. This could be possibly the stupidest headline /story I have heard to date UK ‘will be...
  3. G

    Belarus Election Protests: Police Use Violence as Scare Tactic

    After the obviously rigged election which saw president Alexander Lukashenko re-elected with an 80% landslide victory, protesters have growing in numbers and police tactics have been getting more violent. The state has arrested more than 6000 people so far, the vast majority for simply being out...