1. fritoburrito

    ISIS orders family friendly execution videos!

    A Mickey Mouse knock-off gets beat up on kids TV. Just ,wow. From Liveleak. http://duffelblog.com/KwdOW
  2. _Xtina_

    India's 'House of horrors' cannibal: Stay of execution

  3. _Xtina_

    Ohio opts for new method of execution

  4. aRyan

    Federal Judge Grants Stay Of Execution For Joseph Paul Franklin

    Joseph Paul Franklin, a no-nonsense White man who didn't like seeing interracial couples walking around and decided to shoot them dead, and liked even less seeing a black man with a white woman on the cover of hustler magazine, and decided to shoot Larry Flint over it, crippling him, will be...
  5. Search 'n Destroy

    To FAT to FRY? Ohio death row inmate claims his weight should prevent his execution!

    A condemned Ohio inmate who weighs at least 480 pounds wants his upcoming execution delayed, saying his weight could lead to a “torturous and lingering death.” Ronald Post, who shot and killed a hotel clerk in northern Ohio almost 30 years ago, said his weight, vein access, scar tissue and...
  6. max_gain

    Expiration of Pentobarbital for executions causes US states to seek other sources or methods.

    Interesting news report from the Mail Online outlining difficulties in acquiring the drug Pentobarbital which is currently used in executions for criminals on death row in various states across America. Pentobarbital is used as part of a three injection method, or injected on its own depending...
  7. Mickey

    Abdallah Bin Sa'id Al-Bishi : Saudi Arabia's state executioner

    Very interesting interview of Abdallah Al-Bishi. He discusses his career as one of Saudi Arabia's state executioners.