1. cadaver1

    Executed on the street

  2. Ra's Al Ghul

    26 year old latina found in field, dead in her lingerie.

    OFF - Body image of Fernanda Araújo Carvalho, 26 years old. was found dead in her underwear on Thursday in a forest area in the Flamboyant neighborhood of Paragominas, southeast of Pará, 100 meters from her home. She was from Tocantins and had moved in to improve her life. Fernanda was missing...
  3. DeathHand

    MX: 2 Shot Dead (2018)

    Abducted and executed by gunshots to the head. Tonalá, Mexico, October 14, 2018. 1. 2. 3.
  4. cadaver1

    Man that was dismembered

    This reportedly happened in Pedro Juan Caballero, Paraguay. Unable to verify that information. The pictures show a dismembered and decapitated man in a coffin deposited at a corner of some building. There are black plastic bags next to the coffin. Pieces of torso, maybe? I wonder why someone...
  5. DeathHand

    Executed Thrown In River

    Drug factions at it still... This floater-dude has several bullet wounds in his skull and had been in the water about a day and a half. Manaus, Brazil, December 7, 2018. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Well, "Junior" it is... 7.
  6. DeathHand

    No Face|No Toes|No Fingers - Cartel Execution

    Looks as though shit, really bad shit, finally caught up with guy and he ended up in the hands of some nasty cartel members who were none impressed with him. To be killed by a cartel in this fashion the guy must have done something that was way over the line, not just a typical rat or trafficker...
  7. DeathHand

    Brazil: Dose of Death 2

    This new mega thread, 'Brazil: Dose of Death 2', will continue from where the original thread left off. I won't be posting images in the original thread anymore ~ they'll be getting posted here. Folks are welcome to contribute any content that they have. Link to original thread: Brazil: Dose of...
  8. DeathHand

    10 Dead ~ Bank Robbery

    Shortly before 9am the staff at a bank arrived to set up shop and start their busy day. What they didn't know when they entered the bank was that there were armed men waiting for them. 9am, opening time, came and went and a line up had already gathered at the front door. One of those waiting in...
  9. DeathHand

    Man Quartered & Dumped

    This dude was stabbed numerous times, beheaded and dismembered (not necessarily in that order). He carried no ID and locals did not recognize him. A notecard was left with te guy's remains but the coppers aren't disclosing what it said. Manaus, Brazil, Nov. 8, 2016. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.
  10. DeathHand

    Elderly Civilians Executed

    A very short 'war' (called the 'Four-Day War) involving Armenian and Azerbaijani forces targeted a disputed area that lies between the two countries. The region is known as Nagorno-Karabakh and has tried to claim independence by becoming a republic. Hostilities have been going on for a few...
  11. DeathHand

    Dhaka: Dozens Executed & Injured

    This took place 3 weeks ago when a 6-8 Islamic fighters stormed a popular bakery/cafe/restaurant. Once inside, after firing volleys of gunfire from their AK-47's, the extremists quickly moved to the survivors. The survivors of the initial blast of gunfire were instructed to recite a passage...
  12. DeathsDoor

    Death Row Inmate Trottie Executed for 1993 Murders

    Texas death row inmate Willie Tyrone Trottie was executed by lethal injection Wednesday evening September 10, 2014 in Huntsville for the 1993 murders of his ex-girlfriend and her brother. Texas Department of Criminal Justice spokesman Jason Clark confirmed that Trottie, 45, was injected with...
  13. DeathHand

    ISIS Executes 5 Journalists

    ISIS captured five Syrian journalists about 8 months ago and have now decided to execute them. These five men were hauled in for blogging, filming, photographing, etc., ISIS activities They were not accused of being spies but as being apostates. The images are screen shots that I made from a...
  14. DeathHand

    Dead Mexicans: Dump Thread

    Alot of single photos don't get posted, but I still collect them all. So with this thread, I've put together dozens of images of Mexicans who were killed during the cartel wars and a few that died as the result of vehicle accident. Some of these I've posted in other threads (or others have) so...
  15. DeathHand

    Shot Dead - Left In Dump

    Young dude taken to the local garbage dump and shot dead. Olavo Oliveira, Brazil, January 30, 2016. 1. 2. 3.
  16. JimiFloyd420

    ISIS kill two of their own

    New execution of two non faithful Isis members - Videos - 1TU.BE No fucks given. Let the camel fuckers kill eachother.
  17. SicMonster666

    Isis executes man by running him over with a tank

    Just when you thought they were running out of idea's on how to execute motherfuckers, they pull this little gem out of the hat.
  18. SicMonster666

    New Isis beheadings & pistol executions

    Uncensored beheading's in this one.
  19. SicMonster666

    Isis executes two men in brutal fashion

    The first execution is of a man who is made to dig his own grave and then is shot in the back of the head with a shotgun. The next one is quite brutal & sadistic. Isis ties the man's hands & feet together and then is dragged behind a truck until he is dead.
  20. Wicked TinkerBell

    Aftermath of mass execution by Ahrar Al-Sham

    Here showing the aftermath of a mass execution that was committed by the Ahrar al-Sham battalion alongside with the Islamic Front in Tell Ahmar, which is located in Quneitra province. These terrorists captured Tell Ahmar early in April and executed five Syrian soldiers after taken them as...
  21. Wicked TinkerBell

    14 year old executed by Israeli forces

    This 14 year old child is executed by Israeli forces in Jerusalem. The Jewish camera man kept telling the dying boy : "Die you son of a bitch"
  22. DeathHand

    ISIS RPG Execution

    This vid could have been so much better if the camera guy had stayed closer and focused on the execution... Anyways, a rival tribe attacked fighters of ISIS and this tribe member was caught. He was tied to a street pole and, under interrogation, allegedly admits to having used the RPG to kill...
  23. Dr. Gauner

    Merchant Executed

    A 51-year-old merchant was murdered on September 20, 2015 in Santa Cruz. Various monitoring cameras installed on site are helping the police to identify the criminal who fled after committing the crime. According to reports the victim was driving a Toyota Hilux pickup truck when he encountered...
  24. Dr. Gauner

    4 Family Members Executed

    Manaus / Saturday morning, 19, within a localized residence unidentified suspects entered the home and executed four of the six people who were there, with firearms - Vinicius 15, Francisco 60, Pedro 21, and Luis 31, The crime has hit features accounts for possible involvement in drug...
  25. DeathHand

    ISIS: 10 Iraqis Executed

    These 10 Iraqis, apparently all civilians, were executed by ISIS on charges of being traitors or spies. Nothing too gorey, but nice to see some cool new blue jumpsuits in this most recent execution vid. :4thelulz: Anbar Province, Iraq, September 19, 2015.
  26. DeathHand

    ISIS: Soldier & Man Executed

    ISIS released a video titled, "A Message To Egypt", in which a man is decapitated and a captured soldier is shot dead. After decapitating an unknown man, the Egyptian soldier was asked by the ISIS member if he wanted to die by the knife or die by bullets: it didn't take him long to decide...
  27. snatch

    5 for difficulty/10 for execution/road diving

    thailand. patience and excellent footwork get,s the big fish
  28. DeathHand

    ISIS Executes Older Man

    This vid was originally 10 minutes long so I cut it down to just show the execution. Watch the dude to the executioners left :eek: Probably Iraq, September 2015.
  29. DeathHand

    ISIS Crucifictions in Libya

    A few images of "apostates" who were executed by a rival tribe that has pledged allegance to ISIS. Sorry 'bout the photo quality... Sirte, Libya, mid-August 2015 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.
  30. DeathHand

    ISIS Boy Executioner

    Apparently this guy was caught with a camera taking pictures where he shouldn't have been taking pictures - in ISIS held territory. He was quickly convicted of being a spy, given a nice orange jumpsuit and brought to a bombed out location. Once there he was executed by an ISIS boy soldier who...
  31. fritoburrito

    ISIS orders family friendly execution videos!

    A Mickey Mouse knock-off gets beat up on kids TV. Just ,wow. From Liveleak. http://duffelblog.com/KwdOW
  32. DeathHand

    Non-ISIS Sympathizer Executed

    This guy was executed in the outskirts of Damascus for not sympathizing with the ISIS cause. Pakala, Syria, August 4, 2015 1. 2. Even the kids get to watch. 3. 4. Nice little blood fountain...
  33. DeathHand

    ISIS Executes Syrian Soldier

    This vid shows an allegded Syrian soldier captured by ISIS members. He is shot in the head at the edge of a cliff and then kicked over the top. In this vid, the ranting ISIS member claims that Paris is going to see many corpses. Syria, about July 22, 2015 LINK TO VID
  34. KingSlayer

    Cop Shot at Point Blank Range Execution Style During Bank Robbery

    Manaus / AM - At around 14:40 on Friday, 17 military policeman was initially wounded during a robbery attempt at Bradesco bank branch located on Avenue Leopoldo Peres, in Educandos, South zone, before the bandits shot him in the head at point blank range to finish him off. The robbers tried to...
  35. Kyuss

    Staged ISIS Execution Video Leaked

    A group of Russian hackers called Cyber Berkut have released a video showing a staged ISIS beheading, hacked from an electronic device from one of the staff of U.S. Senator John McCain. The fake ISIS execution appears to take place inside a film studio and shows a ‘prisoner’ (played by an...
  36. PowerDrill


    In case the video gets removed I'm gonna copy and paste the original video title before it gets removed. قصاص المجاهدين المظلومين من خوارج العصر المارقين ENJOY!
  37. Domino69

    ISIS is experimenting again...executions by rocket, drowning and explosives

    http://sendvid.com/g0c71mhk At least they're trying to keep it interesting...can't imagine how those poor lads felt in that cage though :(
  38. Celtic Lad

    2 Lads Executed

    2 young men were found dead on a quiet road near Mossoro in Brazil. Tied up with bullet holes in their heads - apparently executed. :gunner:
  39. SicMonster666

    Executed with 12 shots

    Another drug dealer get's his comeuppance. Pissed off somebody that's for sure.
  40. D.O.A.

    Shotgun execution

    No other info :shrugs:
  41. DeathHand

    ISIS Executes 2 Awakening

    The "Awakening" is a large group of Sunni fighters in Iraq that had previously fought against US and Iraqi forces in Anbar Province. They eventually allied themselves with US forces and began to fight al-Qaeda. Today, the Sunni organization is often referred to as "The Awakening Council/s" and...
  42. DeathHand

    Three Models Executed

    Three models were travelling in a van when they were intercepted by a car and a motorcycle. Several gunmen then forced the three women out of the van and ordered them to lie on the roadway. One gunman asked for one of the girls by name, she answered and was the first one shot dead. All three...
  43. CareeningCorpse

    Woman Executed Point Blank

    Antonio Pichardo Adelso, 46, shot his 27 year old ex-wife with a shotgun. The suspect was later shot by police in a situation of irony.
  44. DeathHand

    ISIS Executes FSA Fighter

    ISIS (or one of the other jihadists militias) captured this guy who they say was an FSA fighter. An ISIS member reads the guy some Islamic proclomation before another dude quickly steps in to play his part. Harritan, Syria, May 2015. VID LINK
  45. DeathHand

    Executions By ISIS in Yemen

    ISIS in Yemem have released a video showing the execution of 15 purported Shiite Houthi fighters. One group gets the knife while another group gets the gun. Chabwa, Yemen, late April, 2015. Link to VIDEO
  46. Celtic Lad

    Francisco age 24 executed

    24 year old - Francisco Hailton found dead beside a pipeline - hands bound behind his back and shot in the head.