1. cadaver1

    Murdered Swine

  2. cadaver1

    Execution compilation

    Old School Executions Compilation
  3. DeathHand

    ISIS Executions|Prisoner Blown Up

    This video, which Daesh have titled, "Incision of the Necks" contains footage of various executions carried out by ISIS on prisoners with beheading and by gunfire. It also includes the execution of a prisoner who they blew up. Just for a change. Time-frames: 00:00-08:22 just bla bla bla...
  4. DeathHand

    ISIS Beheads Football Players

    Tried a search on these ones but came up with nothing. ISIS doesn't like things like soccer, football or whatever and went after 4 well known (in Iraq, that is) football players and their coach: accusing them of spying for the Peshmerga. The 5 men were presented to the public before being...
  5. DeathHand

    ISIS Leaves Mass Graves

    All across Syria and Iraq ISIS has been leaving a trail of mass graves full of executed civilians, rivals and soldiers. In Iraq, the military find these grave sites as they drive ISIS out of various areas. The Battle of Mosul is in full swing and the Iraqi military has been able to retake many...
  6. DeathHand

    ISIS: Spies Get M16

    Two men, caught by ISIS and accused of being government spies are executed with a close range shot to the head from an M16. Kirkut, Iraq, abt. Nov. 5, 2016. 1. Fucked 2. Fucked 3. Definitely fucked 4. 5. 6. Fucked up
  7. SicMonster666

    Isis executes men with a shotgun for spray painting

    Men were executed for spray painting anti-ISIS graffiti.
  8. DeathHand

    ISIS Slaughter House

    This latest ISIS video was released around Sept. 12 or 13, 2016. In it, about a dozen prisoners are executed by having their throats slit and then being placed over a drain to bleed out before being hung upside down like meat. The prisoners were each accused of spying and uploading images to...
  9. DeathHand

    Aug. 2016 ISIS Executions

    These are all screen grabs that I made from the most recent ISIS video that kevin kirk posted. These might not be in order...but just a bunch of screen grabs as requested :) ISIS Executions - August 2016. Set 1. 1. Lock and load...ISIS on the war path... 2. Pray... 3. 4. 5.
  10. DeathHand

    Necro Zeta Cartel Hitwoman

    Necro Zeta Cartel Hitwoman 13th July 2016 (media release date) A glamorous Mexican hitwoman has confessed to having sex with headless bodies while drinking and bathing in their blood. The chilling confession was made by an innocent-looking lady named Juana, known as ‘La Peque’ or ‘the...
  11. DeathHand

    ISIS: Crucify|Stab In Heart

    We've seen ISIS do their thing of tying men accused of spying being tied to makeshift crosses and shot but now they have a better method: tie them up to the cross thing, stab them in the heart and then shoot them, if necessary, or just let them bleed to death. Anyways, here's two sets of men...
  12. PowerDrill

    ISIS Executes Three - One Beheaded, One Shot, and One's head crushed by Rock

    ISIS Executes Three – One Beheaded, One Shot, One's Head Crushed – Must See! Time stamps - Beheading: 0:45 Shooting: 1:23 Head Crushing: 2:00
  13. DeathHand

    ISIS: Nasty Executions

    ISIS fighters are still playing around with the use of explosives to blow their prisoners up. This time they've taken it to the next level: poured gasoline over the prisoners before blowing them up. This vid shows three militia fighters from the al-Nusra Front dying from being blown to pieces...
  14. DeathHand

    ISIS Child Soldiers Hunt Game

    Another recently released ISIS video that they titled "To The Sons Of Jews." In it, ISIS child fighters run around an ancient ruins complex with a handgun to find Syrian soldiers that were captured and placed within the ruins. Each soldier is executed as they are found by the ISIS kids who...
  15. DeathHand

    ISIS Decaps 8 Peshmerga

    ISIS captured these Peshmerga fighters and executed with a slow decapitation. Iraq, September 2015.