face flayed

  1. Ralph666

    Man disembowels wife, to look for Fetus .. just for starters..

    In the picture of the full crime scene, the skin of her face is by her right shoulder. This guy really enjoyed fucking her up. Manila – 46 years old wife was killed and dismembered by his husband at their own home in Baranggay Holy Spirit, Quezon City this Sunday. The body was discovered by a...
  2. DeathHand

    No Face|No Toes|No Fingers - Cartel Execution

    Looks as though shit, really bad shit, finally caught up with guy and he ended up in the hands of some nasty cartel members who were none impressed with him. To be killed by a cartel in this fashion the guy must have done something that was way over the line, not just a typical rat or trafficker...
  3. Firegoddess420

    Woman suffers bad face trauma in car wreck

    Sorry could't find any story on this. Looks like a bad car accident by the looks of her face I would say she wasn't wearing a seatbelt.. Jesus almost looks like she's gonna peel her face off :eek:
  4. DeathHand

    Criminal With No Face

    This guy was a well known criminal (robberies, assault, possession, drugs, etc.) and seems that someone finally caught up to him. Not sure if his face was eaten off by rodents and bugs or if it had been flayed off. Tlapacoyan, Mexico, Feb. 2, 2016 1. 2.