1. Ra's Al Ghul

    Oozy booby: Car accident leaves female dead outside car still stuck to the seatbelt

    https://www.kaotic.com/video/pek5X9ym_2019912180906_t Oozy booby link
  2. Ra's Al Ghul

    Latina Female found dead in bush with bullet wounds to head.

    Tranlsated off a Portuguease Chatroom. Google translated the comments. Cheers. \\ "OFF - Fernanda Soares Martins, 31, was murdered with six head shots and her body was found late Sunday afternoon, 30. The crime occurred in the municipality of Presidente Figueiredo, Metropolitan Region of...
  3. Ra's Al Ghul

    2 brazilian chicks die after motorcycle accident squishes their heads (aftermath video with dead tits)

    all this is from my Portuguese chatroom source so i can't make head or tail of this shit! I'll attach the translation and give the link to the original article: translation // Two young women died in an accident in Jaboatão yesterday. Profile 1: Cielly Santos...
  4. Ra's Al Ghul

    22 year old Ukrainian girl , Anastasia Levada, dies in her sleep in Moscow.

    Found this on an online Chat room a week or more ago, forgot to post here earlier! 22 yr old Anastasia Levada was from Chernihiv, Ukraine. She had travelled to Moscow , Russia in search of further studies// internship// employment (I'm really not sure thanks to horrible translations.) It seems...
  5. Ra's Al Ghul

    26 year old latina found in field, dead in her lingerie.

    OFF - Body image of Fernanda Araújo Carvalho, 26 years old. was found dead in her underwear on Thursday in a forest area in the Flamboyant neighborhood of Paragominas, southeast of Pará, 100 meters from her home. She was from Tocantins and had moved in to improve her life. Fernanda was missing...
  6. Ra's Al Ghul

    25 yr old model and small time reality show contestant strangled at her home in Mexico City.

    I translated 5 sets of spanish articles and am pasting them all here... it's really late and i have a massive headache for more than 3 days now.. not gonna be able to sit and edit it all.. Gist: 25 yr old Nataly Michel Rodriguez Romero was found dead at her home in Mexico City on 21st May...
  7. Ra's Al Ghul

    21 yr old Brazil chick died by drowning after a night out when car flipped and fell in river

    + Milena Cartaxo + 21 years + died this morning (19) around 07:30. She returned by car from a center of vaquejada in cajazeiras-PB, when the car in which was fell inside a river. She was inebriated after partying. lost control of car . it flipped into river.. she drowned. alive pics...
  8. Ra's Al Ghul

    16 yr old girl found dead with neck slashed in Brazil

    Google translated from Spanish article. //Maria Eduarda Silva Azevedo, 16 years old, was found dead last Tuesday (05/14/19), in Morro do Macaco, in the Bela Vista Neighborhood, with several perforations in the neck. According to information, the victim was killed by members of a criminal...
  9. Ra's Al Ghul

    Big-Boobed, Bulky, Beefy, Bloated Bulgarian Belle Becomes beached Beluga. (NOT Verified)

    I had to go through a lot and lot of trouble to get these These are exclusive photos, that i managed to procure directly from source. The photos are not the best, and i couldn't confirm the story as this was not in any news or anywhere. This death was hushed up due to consulate issues and the...
  10. Sheli93

    German backpacker, 26, brutally raped and murdered

    A German backpacker was brutally raped, murdered and dumped behind rocks on an idyllic island in Thailand. Miriam Beelte, 26, was found with severe head wounds yesterday after she was repeatedly smashed in the face with a rock on Koh Si Chang. Miriam, from Hildesheim, Germany, was lying in a...
  11. machilee

    Female Dead Rebels LTTE

    Female Ltte click the Link for the video
  12. machilee

    Dead Female PKK YPJ YPG Soldiers Collection

    Dead Female YPJ YPG PKK rebels collections
  13. emilythevicitm

    Woman Killed in Caruaru Brazil

    This woman was murdered on Tuesday the 18th. The unidentified victim is aged between 25 and 30 years old. She was shot with a 40 and 380 caliber. Next to the body police found 14 cartridges of the two calibers. It’s reported that there were at least thirteen bullet holes in the victim’s head...
  14. Ra's Al Ghul

    Former singer of Cavaleiros do Forró and former drummer of Forró Pegado band die in an accident

    A serious accident occurred in the early afternoon of this Friday (16), in the center of Aracaju, left two dead and three others seriously injured. Car that had led the singer Lívia Clivia, 37 years old (former Cavaleiros do Forró), who died in the place, would have invaded the preferential one...
  15. HorrorQueen

    Legs for days...

    Found this a while ago. I looked through most posts on here and have not seen it. I wonder if anyone has any more pics/info on this. The story I head was these legs belong to a 15 year old girl who went missing about a week before discovery. Found in an abandoned house used frequently by teens...
  16. Ra's Al Ghul

    Shotgun riding female shotgunned

    The fatal victim was identified as Claudia Roa Gomez , who on Monday night (25), 20:00 hours approximately, returned along with her partner, João Salvador Roa , Brazil 45, better known as "Marquito Roa" , of a farm along a country road in the colony Manta Potrero, distant 20 kilometers from...
  17. DeathsDoor

    Murder Suicide

    On the evening of Wednesday (27), a man identified as Amikael Lima da Silva, aka "Nego Gué," murdered his own wife, Naiara Nascimento dos Santos, the son of a few months born, Kauê Levy dos Santos of Silva, and then committing suicide. According PM information, the three bodies were in the...
  18. Ra's Al Ghul

    couch potato !

    brazil, 30 yr old female killed by her teenage son with a shotgun bright coloured couch in a gloomy gloopy house!
  19. Plouton

    Love Gone Wrong

    From Cambodian. As usual the woman looks like a school girl but was actually a 23 year old school teacher. Stabbed 28 times. Definitely a crime of passion. Murdered by a 21 year old school teacher. Apparently they were lovers and were to get married but he got a new girlfriend who objected...
  20. Ra's Al Ghul

    Brazillian Woman Found Dead with Signs of Sexual Violence

    ts been busy these days in Brazil, maybe pre-Olympic stress A brutal crime shocked the inhabitants of the municipality of Novo Airão, distant 115 km from Manaus, straight on the morning of Monday, 11. A woman was found dead inside a house under construction , completely naked from the waist...
  21. DeathsDoor

    Rape and Murder

    Indonesia: The 18-year-old teenage girl was found dead with her body covered with blood and her genital was stuffed with a hoe. The victim, Enno Fariah (18), were found by her 3 friends on May 13 morning. According to her friends, she was absent from work for 3 days and they find something...
  22. tenguix

    Female Fasciitis!

    This thread is all about women with gnarly necrotizing fasciitis. {Set 1 of 2} 55-year-old -- diabetic, with NF of the breast and arm (fatal): 26-year-old -- anemic, eight days postpartum, NF causing complications in an episiotomy wound: 27-year-old Chinese woman -- 10 days after a fat...
  23. Ra's Al Ghul

    Shikha Joshi suicide throat slit

    Model-turned-actress, Shikha Joshi, 40, was discovered with a sharp knife lodged in her throat in her friend's home in Andheri, a sprawling suburb in northern Mumbai, a bustling city famous for its Hindi film industry. The police have quickly labeled the incident as suicide and even reasoned...
  24. Ra's Al Ghul

    Indian Female shot to death

    Patna,Bihar: in Patna incidents of crime are not stopping. Patna is the recent case of Jakknpur station, where criminals have shot dead a young woman from Indore. This event is on Monday morning. 23-year-old had to go to Patna Jain creation. She came out of the house,and was sitting in the...
  25. DeathHand

    Hi-Rez Female Autopsy (2)

    Another one... This woman died after being administered the incorrect medication (intravenous). Female Autopsy (2) Set 1. 1. Overview of body. 2. 3. The bruising on her hand marks the site of injection.
  26. DeathHand

    Selfies ~ Nude 'n Naughty

    It always amazes me to see how many people post their nude selfies online. For this thread I'm just posting regular "oops I'm naked/damn my tits are out/this is my ass/this is my pussy" type selfies, starting off with 100 Nude 'n Naughty ones - so that'll mean alot of Sets... Disclaimer: all...
  27. angelo212

    Schoolgirl suicide

    This schoolgirl make suicide because her parents learn that she is no more virgin <iframe allowfullscreen src='http://embed.heavy-r.com/embedsmall/211643/211643/' frameborder='0' width='400' height='300' scrolling='no' /></iframe>
  28. Ra's Al Ghul

    pretty russian female drowned (15/6/2006)

    this is a collection of pictures of a russian female drowned back in 2006. pretty old, but this is the largest collection of images about the pretey lass enjoy
  29. 19760608

    Female Hanging Thread

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