1. ayyylmao

    Murder of Nibaldo Villegas

    ((I doubt that seriously no one has posted about this but from what I can find in this site, there's nothing. I don't really know how posting in this site works, but here it goes)) around August, beloved teacher from Villa Alemana, Nibaldo Villegas, went missing. he was last seen driving his...
  2. Dr. Gauner

    Washed-Up 25 Year Old

    I started to photoshop the documentingreality.com sign out, but then I thought to myself no fuck them. They spend who knows how many hours a year on this forum and on their preferred internet browser and they still don't know how to use them. :finger:
  3. Dr. Gauner

    Drowning Victim in Thailand

    this man was found by a fisherman. The body was believed to have been dead for 14 days. Very well preserved for the amount of time in the water. The police said victims identity was unknown but they claimed he was foreign to their country. The tattoo looks like USA to me but I suppose that it...