1. DeathHand

    Forensic Guesswork 3

    This one should be fairly easy :). Besides a bowl of what looks like baby puke and a rotting apple beside it, what does the dead body show us (2 things) and what does that tell a forensic investigator? Forensic Guesswork 3. 1.
  2. DeathHand

    Bringing Dead to Life

    This is a cool documentary vid that I thought others might also enjoy. Although it's about 30 mins long it's well worth the watch. Bringing the Dead Back to Life
  3. DeathHand

    Forensic Guesswork 2

    Here we have a dead child with wounds/marks on the side of her neck. Without Googling, 1. What do the wounds/marks tell you about how she died and 2. What caused them? Again NO Googling! That's no fun... I'll spill the beans after we see some take a gander at this one to test their forensic...