gun suicide

  1. DeathsDoor

    Shotgun Suicide

    His family heard the shot and found his body. They have no reason why he would do such a thing..
  2. Plouton

    Indian Police Women Gun Suicides

    In India the most common methods for women to kill themselves is by hanging and poison (about one third by each method). Gun suicides though common in other parts of the world are rare (for both men and women) due to the lack of availability of guns. One group who do have access to guns are...
  3. DeathHand

    Homemade Gun Suicide

    This 51 year old man had altered a handgun to be able to load up and fire a shotgun shell (not sure what gauge - might be 12). He then shot himself with it in an act of suicide. Phitsanulok, Thailand, Feb. 17, 2015. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Nice exit wound... 6. And out plopped his brain... 7.
  4. D.O.A.

    Another shotgun suicide

    Story is he tried to kill his wife by shooting her with a handgun, missed. Tried to burn the house down, failed. Shot himself with a shotgun, success.
  5. D.O.A.

    Another shotgun suicide

    That couch is very 1983. I don't remember seeing this pic here I'd remember that couch.
  6. DeadZone

    Shotgun suicide

  7. holyblacksun

    Shotgun suicide in the backyard

    Severe Facial Traumas caused by Self inflicted shotgun wound to the face with the gun barrel (mostly) positioned under the chin. Happened in russia.
  8. holyblacksun

    12 Gauge Shotgun Suicide in Russia

    Yep , the winters can be cold in russia. No chance for this elderly man to witness another one. Ends up in the morgue.
  9. Ora

    Another failed shotgun suicide.

    This one's a bit different than the rest.
  10. Zayad

    Failed Shotgun Suicide

    Suicide attempt with a shotgun, failed.
  11. D

    L.A. freeway shotgun suicide from '98

    looks like the fire was a fail... the shotgun, NOT a fail.
  12. ElizabethBathory

    Theif in Russia survives an Attempted Shotgun Suicide

    Now they perform surgery to fix him up again. Why waste your time when he'll probably do it again
  13. (M.G.T.)

    shot gun suicide



  15. D.O.A.

    Shotgun suicide in the car

  16. DeathHand

    Thailand Shotgun Suicide

    Post One. No details on this suicide other than that the dude fired off one shotgun round to his head (or in his mouth....not sure) and that it happened in good ol' Thailand. Post One. No details on this suicide other than that the dude fired off one shotgun round to his head (or in his...
  17. D.O.A.

    Thai guy handgun suicide

    50-year-old Thai man committed suicide with a pistol at home in the kitchen bonus: pointers :cool:
  18. Manchurianhempsnakegod

    Per Yngve Ohlin(dead) Shotgun suicide

    dead is the vocalist of the norwegian black metal band "MAYHEM" On 8 April 1991, Ohlin was found dead, by Euronymous, of a shotgun wound to the head. He had also cut his wrists and left a suicide note, which included an apology for having shot a firearm indoors and which ended with: "Excuse...
  19. C_R

    Shotgun Suicide

    I love these photos, at first glance I thought it was a clown.