gunned down

  1. seasonsofdeath

    Guns Fuck around and find out

  2. Lord Gutsy

    Crime Gunned the fuck down

    On June 28, on the Mexico-Pachuca highway, a tragic event occurred that just went viral on social networks and caused great indignation. It was an attempted robbery of a father and his son that culminated in the death of the latter. The events were recorded on video, which went viral and caused...
  3. Lord Gutsy

    Crime His robbing days are over
  4. Bethy 🔥

    Guns Merchant Gunned Down

    Colombia, Monfat night a man of approximately 50 years old, recognized as a merchant lost his life due to gunshot wounds. The victim can be seen talking with a woman, apparently one of his clients, both of them are talking calmly, when out of nowhere a guy with a motorcycle helmet arrives and...
  5. RebelFX

    Crime Masseuse Gunned Down

    Must have been one bad massage... damn Ecuador, M. N. V.
  6. ZeroK

    Crime Sparks Fly

  7. ZeroK

    bizarre The Handicapped Assassin

  8. Hate

    fights Mexico: Man shot in liquor store, walks it off

    Morelia, Michoacán. - An unknown man who was chased by subjects aboard a vehicle, entered a wine and liquor store called Olimpia, to take shelter, in the vicinity of the Prados Verdes neighborhood, where he was hit shot, resulting in injuries.