1. Bloody Kisses

    Please don’t Free Willy

  2. Bloody Kisses

    2019 vs 2020

  3. Bloody Kisses

    Help! Scary alligator!

  4. Bloody Kisses


  5. Bloody Kisses

    You better watch your hoe!

  6. Bloody Kisses


    this doesn’t need an introduction:
  7. Bloody Kisses

    Sand-nigger at a rave

  8. Bloody Kisses

    2 out of the 3 belong here...

    once they’re 18.
  9. Bloody Kisses

    Awesome Sauce

    Always a pleasure
  10. 0111011000111


  11. Made me laugh

    Bachelor, 37, has his PENIS trapped inside a wrench for 17 hours before being freed by dentists using a drill (because rescuers were unable to remove the tool) :wank: :lulz: A Chinese man had his penis freed from a tiny wrench last week after getting it stuck for nearly a day. The...