helicopter shot down

  1. DeathHand

    War KIA Russian Crew Chopper Crash (2022)

    A Russian helicopter that was shot down by Ukrainian forces in Makarov, April 2022. The crews' remains were decomposed and partially eaten by wildlife when it was located. This was probably an Mil Mi-17 chopper. *These were previously posted before being removed with the rest of the RU/UA...
  2. G

    War Russian helicopter shot down on Armenian Territory

    Story here. "Alleged footage of the a Russian Mi-24 choppee being "accidentally" shot down by Azerbaijan forces. The Russian Defense Ministry has confirmed the information about the crash of a combat helicopter in Armenia. “The Russian Mi-24 helicopter, which fell in Armenia near the Yeraskh...
  3. DeathHand

    Russian helicopter shot down

    A Russian Mi8 helicopter had just dropped off relief supplies to people in Aleppo. On their way back to their airbase, the copter was intercepted by rebel gunners who managed to bring the helicopter down. There were survivors of the crash: 3 crew and 2 Russians military officials died. To make...