1. cadaver1

    Come on baby light my fire

    Sunday classics: woman burned alive after killing BF
  2. cadaver1

    Burn him

    African Thief Burned Alive
  3. cadaver1

    African street justice

    Africans burn alive | theYNC
  4. cadaver1

    The heat is on

    Criminal Turned into a Well Done BBQ | theYNC
  5. cadaver1

    George foreman grill

    African BBQ Savagery
  6. cadaver1

    The burning nigger

  7. cadaver1

    African witch hunt
  8. Dr. Gauner

    Burned To Death In Their Fiat Uno

    On September 20, 2015 in Brazil there was a fatal crash. The driver of a Fiat Uno lost control of the car, flipped over and crashed into an oncoming pick-up truck. Witnesses reported they could not reach the three occupants of the car due to the heat and smoke.