1. savgbeast

    Negress Mistakes Oven for Crib, Burns Baby to Death

    Missouri mother burns baby to death inside oven after claiming she mistook it for a crib A Missouri mother burned her one-month-old baby to death in an oven — and then claimed to police that she mistook the cooker for a crib, officials said. Cops described the scene in the Kansas City home as...
  2. Ralph666

    South African woman on Trial for killing her 3 daughters in NZ

    This is Lauren Dickason. Depressed, anxiety ridden woman. Her and her surgeon husband (she is a Dr as well) move to NZ in middle of Covid. Isolation and the whole move doesn't go well.. She gets really lonely. At some point she snaps and strangles the girls with zip locks around the throats...
  3. MasochisticMommy

    Dad rapes/kills 9 month old daughter

    Once there, they found Savayah Mason, 9-months-old, and tried saving her. However, she was pronounced deceased once she was at a nearby hospital. Investigators began to look into her death, but it was medical examiners who found a startling clue. According to the sheriff's office, the...