isis execution

  1. Mental Puppy

    ISIS cuts throats of spies

    ISIS Beheading Executions Of Several 'Spies' In Iraq The savage Islamic State terrorist group has purportedly circulated a photo report showing beheading executions in Iraq. In the report, ISIL savages carry out the beheading executions of alleged spies in "Wilayat Karkuk." Included photos...
  2. Mental Puppy

    Isis execute a suspected spy

    On August 22nd, an Afghanistan man accused of being a spy was decapitated by ISIS. The Islamic State's "Wilayat Khurasan" propaganda office has purportedly circulated a photo report showing the execution of an accused spy in Afghanistan. In the set, the bloodthirsty ISIS savages carry out the...
  3. Nex

    ISIS Fashion Police & Random Executions

    Syria & Iraq The Religious Police cut off 'infidel' logos attached to this man's t-shirt The length of the man's trousers is checked, which they say should be above the ankle Confiscated cigarettes burned Executing a homosexual ..adding a few stones for good measure. Enforcers...
  4. DeathHand

    ISIS Blows Up 2 POWs

    ISIS executing two unknown prisoners by blowing them up. Dec. 11, 2015 (date of video release) Video:
  5. DeathHand

    ISIS Beheads Russian

    ISIS beheaded one of it's own members, a Russian, after accusing him of being a Russian spy. The executioner is also a Russian (may he'll become Jihadi Jackov). This is a shortened version of the video that I edited (the orig is 7-something minutes long with the usual bla bla bla). ISIS...