1. Nobbler

    bizarre HMP Junkie Jihad.

  2. Nobbler

    bizarre Unwrapping your jihadi Bride .

  3. wiggins

    My wonderful progressive High Court: so proud, so brave...

    It's wonderful living in Aus with our progressive High Court (Supreme Court for our US cousins). Apart from making an interesting ruling last year that was based on some kind of magical thinking when they ruled that Mr Love, a white looking criminal born in NZ, and without Australian...
  4. 1488Lycan

    Serious death2kuffar

    have any of you guys watched the 17 minute long jihadist gore compilation called death2kuffar? its apparently quite rare and most of the clips in it you cant find on gore sites. the only clip ive actually seen before in it is the nick berg beheading, but all the other ones ive never seen before...