1. 1488Lycan

    Serious death2kuffar

    have any of you guys watched the 17 minute long jihadist gore compilation called death2kuffar? its apparently quite rare and most of the clips in it you cant find on gore sites. the only clip ive actually seen before in it is the nick berg beheading, but all the other ones ive never seen before...
  2. adi21

    Israel- A terrorist in Be'er Sheva stabbed multiple Israeli people and 4 have died. The terrorist was shot by a bus driver.

    Today in the city of Beer Sheva in the south of Israel there was a collision with a crowd and a knife attack, as a result of which 4 citizens of the country were killed, 3 more were injured. The attacker turned out to be Muhammad Abu al-Qian, a teacher from Hura, who had previously been...
  3. adi21

    3 Jihadis were killed by Indian security forces Yesterday in Kashmir

    In India, during the CTO, the security forces liquidated three militants of the Lashkar-e-Taiba pro-Pakistani group. The operation took place on the night of March 15-16 in the Srinagar district in Jammu and Kashmir, where, according to intelligence services, the terrorists were hiding. they...