1. Donkeyd

    bizarre Crackhead knocks on his dealers door in the early hours

    Those eyes are spinning 😂
  2. momo19611

    Naked junkie jumped out of the window !!!!

    Naked junkie beat up his pregnant wife and then jumped out of the 4th floor. At the same time, the man not only survived, but also tried to hide from the police. Passers-by noticed that screams were heard from the window of the 4th floor and things were flying out. Following the things, a...
  3. Bloody Kisses

    Crazy junkie with a syringe. *cringe*

    I’m not sure whether this video is considered as gore, but that giant sticky wound on her leg and the syringe in her hand while she thrashes like a Basketball American shark is the stuff nightmares are made of. p.s. Don’t bother reading the text that is in the video. It’s purr faggotry. Source of the video...
  4. cadaver1

    The type of torture you would expect from 10 year olds

    Lemon torture of a junkie