1. Ginjabread man

    bizarre Liberal tastes pepper

  2. PsychoticNature

    bizarre Soft liberal hands all over my body.

    @CornHub, 😘
  3. wiggins

    My wonderful progressive High Court: so proud, so brave...

    It's wonderful living in Aus with our progressive High Court (Supreme Court for our US cousins). Apart from making an interesting ruling last year that was based on some kind of magical thinking when they ruled that Mr Love, a white looking criminal born in NZ, and without Australian...
  4. GötterdÀmmerung

    Chrystia Freeland - Canada's Deputy Prime Minister

    Canada's deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister. With the previous positions of Minister of International Trade, Foreign Affairs and Intergovernmental Affairs she has earned the title of Minister of Everything. She was instrumental in negotiating the NAFA agreement with the U.S. and Mexico...
  5. GötterdÀmmerung

    Canada's Liberal and Social democrats form allegiance

    Canada woke up to an allegiance of the Liberal and New Democrats that would support each party's agenda and avoid any vote of non-confidence over the upcoming budget, which the Liberal's minority government would have faced a tough time passing. In return the NDP will advance their social...