los angeles

  1. Lord Gutsy

    Police Time to make use of this shotgun

  2. DeathHand

    LA Man Accused of Killing/Dismembering Wife and Her Parents

    Tarzana, LA, USA Nov. 7, 2023 LA Man Accused of Killing/Dismembering Wife and Her Parents Newly released video appears to show a suspect dumping a large bag where a woman’s torso was found in Encino, according to TMZ. The surveillance video shows a man TMZ alleges is Samuel Bond Haskell IV...
  3. MajorScoreKaj

    Police Woman Brings Pipe To A Gunfight🤣

    if you want to see where everything happened go to 1:40 PD POV
  4. Ivan Drago

    Serious Homeless Man Caught On Video Throwing Feces at LA Business Owner

  5. Hate

    accident Man saved from plane crash seconds before train collision

    LOS ANGELES — The pilot of a small plane averted death twice in a span of minutes on Sunday, first when he crash-landed onto railroad tracks, then when Los Angeles police rescued him just before a commuter train smashed into the aircraft. Bodycam video showed the officers working furiously to...