1. DeathHand

    War KIA Ukrainian Soldiers After Trench Stormed

    Yurgan soldiers (called the Reservoir Dogs) of the Russian Federation stormed the trenches of these Ukrainian soldiers and took them out. This took place in the direction of the Svatovsky district in Luhansk, March 2023. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Some NATO equipment, which the victors...
  2. Sarka

    War Kadyrovites, together with the armed forces of Donbass, continue to successfully carry out combat missions in the Luhansk direction

  3. DeathHand

    Ukraine Convoy Taken Out (2014)

    I posted some of the pics from this ambush of a Ukrainian convoy (the 5th Battalion) by pro-Russian fighters last year in another thread. But I came across some larger images that I didn't have, so here they are. Reports stated that the pro-Russian fighters lured the Ukrainian convoy into...