machete murder

  1. Dreadsteed

    Woman and baby butchered with a machete

    A woman and her 2 month old baby in Haiti were butchered with a machete by her boyfriend because she wanted to leave him. According to the neighbours, they often would argue and stated he was a violent man which is why she wanted to leave him.
  2. SicMonster666

    A woman found in a trunk chopped up

    From Nigeria, a woman was driving along the great counrty side of Nigeria when she stopped for a man waving her down along the road. The biggest mistake she ever made. Upon stopping, the man pulls out a machete and kills her, stuffs her into the trunk. He was caught a short time later.
  3. DeathHand

    El Salvador Execution

    This poor guy drove a pick-up truck and taxied people around. That is until members of one gang in the area grabbed him and took him in the jungle. He was tied up and beaten before the machetes came out and after a few whacks off came his head, and a hand, and an arm. Soon his arms, legs and...
  4. Nex

    Beheaded after a dispute over an Ox

  5. Nex

    Petty thief hacked up

    Alagoas, Brazil The victim, by the name of Ezequiel Vicente who also had an extensive criminal record was found dumped southeast of town in a secluded area. As with most crimes in Brazil, this case remains unsolved.
  6. Nex

    Nearly beheaded by ex-husband

    January 16th, 2016 Bahia, Brazil She was 27, the ex-husband is 43. He's currently on the run
  7. DeathHand

    Killed With Own Machete

    This young man had an altercation at a birthday party with a woman he liked and her husband (or something like that) and then left the party after she dissed him. The next day he went to the couple's house armed with a machete. Things got a bit screwy and the woman or her husband got a hold of...