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    accident Small Truck vs Crane

    Small Truck vs Crane - West Malaysia - 3 In Small Truck Died - Crane Driver Minor Injuries
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    accident BMW Crashes Motorcyclist

    - Johor, West Malaysia - Motorcyclist Died Fights Involved
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    accident Overturn After Crash

    Overturn After Crash - West Malaysia - No Casualties
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    accident Parking Negligence Caused Accident

    Parking Negligence Caused Accident Driver of the white car whom neglect proper parking and take up left lane space caused minor accident., Location Klang, West Malaysia
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    accident Motorcyclist Loses Control & Slams Head On Oncoming Car

    Motorcyclist Loses Control & Slams Head On Oncoming Car 24.03.2023 - Kuala Lumpur, The joy of a family celebrating Hari Raya turned into an anxious moment when the car they were traveling in collided with a motorcycle on Sunday. The video of the accident also went viral and was uploaded on...