1. Bethy πŸ”₯

    bizarre Shuck You Into The Oven πŸ”₯

  2. Bethy πŸ”₯

    bizarre Cant Let Niggas Go Anywhere

  3. Bethy πŸ”₯

    beatings Cartel Gave Him A Spanking

  4. Bethy πŸ”₯

    accident Male Left Dead

    Heredia San JoaquΓ­n 200 east of the Clinic on route 3 motorcycle collision against a fixed object leaves a male deceased at the scene and a female in stable condition taken to the Heredia hospital which happened yesterday at 5pm Public Force is in charge of the scene.
  5. Bethy πŸ”₯

    Crime Dead Brazilian Found

  6. Bethy πŸ”₯

    fights These Chinks Are Krazy

  7. Bethy πŸ”₯

    beatings Special Place In Hell For People Like Him πŸ”₯

  8. Bethy πŸ”₯

    beatings Pay Your Debt

  9. Bethy πŸ”₯

    accident He Had An Angel On His Back

  10. Bethy πŸ”₯

    beatings Ive Seen Sheboons Beat Ea Other Better Than That 🀣

  11. Bethy πŸ”₯

    bizarre He Just Wanted To Leave 🀣

  12. Bethy πŸ”₯

    beatings Kick To The Head

  13. Bethy πŸ”₯

    Crime Machete Attack

  14. Bethy πŸ”₯

    Guns Man Shoots Neighbor

  15. sgrass

    Is a soldier more easily to be targeted (shot dead) when he/she squats down?

    to pee (for female soldiers ) or poop (for all) Anyone from battle area?
  16. Bethy πŸ”₯

    beatings Brutal Attack

  17. Bethy πŸ”₯

    fights Oh The Fuckery 🀣

  18. Bethy πŸ”₯

    fights It Started Stabbing

    I was told its a woman but Idk :shrug: lol
  19. Bethy πŸ”₯

    beatings Man Beats His Girlfriend

  20. Bethy πŸ”₯

    beatings Beating Rapist

  21. Bethy πŸ”₯

    beatings He Took A Shovel To Da Head

    Idk what he did but he got off lucky compared to others :coke:
  22. SeekingReality

    bizarre Would You Go Through This For A Drink?

    Okay, it's case of beer yeah, but wtf...
  23. SeekingReality

    Funny Darwin Award: This Guy Is Smoking Hot πŸ”₯

    :facepalm: Trying to look cool doesn't always work out... πŸ˜‚ (To lighten the mood, and for the lulz.)
  24. SeekingReality

    Attempted Murder: Man Is Shot Inside His Car. Manaus.

    Jader Antonio pinto Gomes, 38, was shot on the afternoon of Tuesday 13th April, in the neighborhood Grande VitΓ³ria, east of Manaus. While being rescued, the tire of the victim's car burst at Alameda Cosme Ferreira, in SΓ£o JosΓ©. According to information from the 9th Interactive Community Company...