1. SeekingReality

    bizarre Would You Go Through This For A Drink?

    Okay, it's case of beer yeah, but wtf...
  2. SeekingReality

    Darwin Award: This Guy Is Smoking Hot 🔥

    :facepalm: Trying to look cool doesn't always work out... 😂 (To lighten the mood, and for the lulz.)
  3. SeekingReality

    Attempted Murder: Man Is Shot Inside His Car. Manaus.

    Jader Antonio pinto Gomes, 38, was shot on the afternoon of Tuesday 13th April, in the neighborhood Grande Vitória, east of Manaus. While being rescued, the tire of the victim's car burst at Alameda Cosme Ferreira, in São José. According to information from the 9th Interactive Community Company...
  4. SeekingReality

    I Told Ewe - No Fishing!😂

    Just for the Lulz...
  5. SeekingReality

    accident This One Man Protest Truly Backfires ~ Flaming Heck.

    When you are protesting and want to make a point, by burning the poster you're holding? - I don't think he had this in mind. Hair raising.:facepalm:
  6. SeekingReality

    Drunken Twat Headbutts Train. 🤦‍♀️

    Some drunk, male plonker decided it would be fun to headbutt a passing train. Uh, yeah... He survived. But had a severe, stonking headache and hangover 😆