man murdered

  1. DeathHand

    Beaten & Machete To Head

    This one is literally hot off the press. Unfortunately there's only one photo... Anyways, a group of men spent several hours drinking and bonding when something went wrong. For whatever reason one of them became the target of the rest, including his stepson, who proceeded to beat the man with a...
  2. DeathHand

    Woman Quarters Ex

    The victim showed up at the house of his former partner who then shot him dead. After killing man, the woman cut up his body in the basement and stripped the bones of flesh. She stated that she was afraid of him. A .38 cal revolver used in the murder was found inside the house Police found...
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    Brazil's Bodies & Blood 2

    Brazil's Bodies & Blood 2 The bodies in Brazil stack up like homework...with no end in sight...just bodies 'n blood. Also check out my other Brazil threads at: Brazil: Dose of Death - Brazil: Dose of Death | Goregrish Brazil's Bodies & Blood 1 - Brazil's Bodies & Blood 1 | Goregrish Set 1...