1. SeekingReality

    beatings Two Male Thieves Get A Free-For-All Beating. Manaus.

    Yes, Manaus again - they be busy there... Yesterday of Tuesday 12th, two criminals who did not have their identities revealed, were brutally lynched by angry people after trying to rob a bus line in the vicinity of Marginal Street, neighborhood São José Operário, in the East Zone of the...
  2. SeekingReality

    Attempted Murder: Man Is Shot Inside His Car. Manaus.

    Jader Antonio pinto Gomes, 38, was shot on the afternoon of Tuesday 13th April, in the neighborhood Grande Vitória, east of Manaus. While being rescued, the tire of the victim's car burst at Alameda Cosme Ferreira, in São José. According to information from the 9th Interactive Community Company...