medical photos

  1. Bittybun

    Hisachi Ouchi and Masato Shinohara

    Hisachi Ouchi and Masato Shinohara were technicians at the Tokaimura power plant in the village of Tokai, Japan. On September 30th, 1999, this power plant would meltdown for the second time in two years. Ouchi was assisting more experienced technician, Masato Shinohara, with the addition of the...
  2. tenguix

    Mucormycosis (Mold Infection)

    A rare fungal infection with a generally poor prognosis -- often characterized by the growth of hyphae (branching filamentous structure of fungi) in and around the blood vessels. Most commonly occurs in the brain, sinuses, and lungs in immunocompromised individuals. I had some trouble gathering...