1. Pr0nographic

    My fucked up leg

    Hi! Ive been lurking here for a good few years but never posted anything. And now i have a reason to. I was in an accident this april and broke my leg pretty bad in the most lame reason. I was mushing with one of my dogs ( i have shitloads of sleddogs) and i took a turn way to fast on my...
  2. SnuffAddict

    Patient’s Accident Aftermath II

    Sometimes, you just really gotta protect yourself!
  3. Bittybun

    Several Different Cases of NF (Necrotizing Fasciitis)

    (misc. cases)
  4. SnuffAddict

    Patient’s Accident Aftermath

    The case of a young woman after her face was sliced by a broken glassware.
  5. cadaver1

    Operation on child that was shot

    Operation of A child Shot by A sniper | theYNC
  6. cadaver1

    Maggot tit | Maggot Boob - Crazy Shit!
  7. cadaver1

    Big gash to the cranium.

    Patient injured in the head.
  8. cadaver1

    Fucked up body in the morgue

    Body in the morgue.
  9. cadaver1

    Big facial tumor

    Woman Has Crazy Tumor On Face
  10. cadaver1

    Child with large tumor

  11. cadaver1

    This aint fun

    WTF | theYNC
  12. cadaver1

    Cyst removed from collarbone

    Woman gets huge cyst on her collarbone popped | theYNC
  13. cadaver1

    Working on the wound

    After the accident medical treatment knee
  14. cadaver1

    Working with an obliterated face

    Dead Guy with Messed Up Face Gets It Stitched Up Together – Best Gore
  15. cadaver1

    Big circle of flesh missing from back

    WTF ,What the fuck?
  16. cadaver1

    Poor children

  17. cadaver1

    How the fuck does this happen

    THE EYE | theYNC
  18. cadaver1

    Foot wound
  19. cadaver1

    Jar removed from arse hole

    Mason Jar Painted Blood Red, Confiscated by Doctor in Russia – Best Gore
  20. cadaver1

    Elephant man
  21. cadaver1

    Knife removed from back

  22. cadaver1

    Worm removed from girls nose.

    This looks like the exact same doctors office that i saw in another video on GG where a bloke gets a worm looking thing removed from his nose.
  23. cadaver1

    Hideous growth on side of head
  24. cadaver1

    leeches used on rotten foot

  25. cadaver1

    Fucked up

  26. cadaver1

    Faggot gets cucumber pulled out of arse...
  27. cadaver1

    This is just wrong...
  28. cadaver1

    Autopsy of woman that was poisoned

    Girl Poisoned to Death... Autopsy | theYNC
  29. cadaver1

    maggot infested tongue

    Maggots inside hole in tongue
  30. cadaver1

    Autopsy on bloated cadaver

    Autopsy of rotting bloater
  31. cadaver1

    African penis mutilation

    Multiple Young Men Subjected to Genital Mutilation in Africa – Best Gore I don't know what these dickheads think they are achieving.
  32. cadaver1

    Female circumcision

    Female Genital Mutilation in Africa Documentary
  33. Saint Muerte

    Random Work stuff - The Worse Diseases I've Coded so far

    Hey everyone, been a long time since I've posted. I got such wonderful feedback last time so I have been compiling every fucked up disease I come across at work for the past few months. Hope you enjoy! I have to break it up into many sections due to the amount I have compiled so look forward to...
  34. Vasto7

    Introduction to Forensic Pathology 2

    The scalp is then reflected forward, exposing the underlying skull.A bone saw is used to cut-out a piece of skull, thus allowing access to the underlying brain. In some instances, the bone can be removed without disturbing the underlying dura. In such cases, the skull cap actually peels off of...
  35. Stinky

    Botfly Removal

    Probably seen old threads posted here about botfly extractions before, but these are new ones, or compilations of new and old, and they're nasty! No one really dies here, but there's only one way you'll ever be able to unsee these videos... That's not cottage cheese!
  36. Disneyland

    Maggoty foot

    Casually Removing Worms from Festering Infected Foot | theYNC
  37. tenguix

    Female Perineum [Vagina/Anus] Surgery

    Only women in this thread. {Set #1} A rectovaginal fistula (RVF) is an epithelial lined tract between the rectum and vagina, and generally presents with passage of air, stool or even purulent discharge from the vagina. RVFs in developing nations are related to prolonged labors that cause...
  38. DeathHand


    I'm not sure if I might have posted these a few years ago or if someone else might have. Ah well, if so, they're still worth seeing again, especially for newer members :). I don't know what happened to this man but something very heavy either landed on him or rolled over him turning him into a...
  39. DeathHand

    Hi-Rez Male Autopsy (1)

    Autopsy photos out of China of a young male under the death knife. No details on this guy's cause of death. Don't forget to click on the images to see them full size :). Autopsy Young Male. Set 1. 1. 2. 3. 4.
  40. DeathHand

    Scrotal Elephantiasus

    This poor sap was suffering from Scrotal Elephantiasus, which is an abnormal enlargement of the scrotum. So in these photos, doctors operate and reconstruct the guy's scrotum. 'Nuff said... Set 1. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.
  41. tenguix

    Anomalous X-Rays & Radiographs.

    [Hands] Poly-/syn-/arachno-dactyly, arthritis, etc: Calcification and sarcodosis: [Skull & Spine] McCune-Albright and, uh, something else: Scoliosis: Let's see some weird shit!
  42. Dr. Gauner

    Bad Case of Genital Warts and Removal

  43. qdherculis

    Chinese 18 year old girl autopsy full version

    wish anyone download it and put to other website cuz it could be deleted soon
  44. Dr. Gauner

    Drug User's Death Scene And Autopsy

    A drug user who knew he had no future decided to commit suicide by shooting himself in the head. Brazil?
  45. Dr. Gauner

    Facial Impalement

    A 30 years old male patient was brought to Oral and Maxillofacial surgery casualty of Medical College Kottayam with a penetrating facial injury by a wooden log passing through the left lateral side of his face below the angle of mandible and protruding through oral cavity causing comminuted...
  46. Natsu

    Intestinal Worms Pulled from body

    Intestinal worms being pulled from some poor sap's intestinal tract. Not sure if this has been posted before but I didn't see it when searching. Does the body look dead to any of you? Can't find a back story. :entertained:
  47. K

    Medical Book

    Believed To Be The Result Of Snake Venom Staphylococcal Scalded Skin Syndrome Vibro Vulnificus Vibrio vulnificus is a bacterium in the same family as those that cause cholera and Vibrio parahaemolyticus. It normally lives in warm seawater and is part of a group of vibrios that are...
  48. K

    Appalling Cosmetic Surgery

    Thousands of dollars to look like crap. Money well spent.